Are you planning one last vacation before the end of the year? One filled with fun fall activities, lots of sightseeing, and discovering new cultures? We’ve got you covered – in this article, you’ll find our list of the best places to visit in November. What’s worth seeing? Find it out!

Where Is the Best Place to Visit in November?

Which destinations should attract your attention? What is a good place to visit in November? Where will you have a wonderful, relaxing time? You’ll find the answer to all these questions on our list below.


Beautiful landscapes in the summer and freezing temperatures in other seasons – that’s the stereotype about Iceland. Yet, it’s not exactly true.

With the weather getting colder, Iceland becomes covered in…ice. This, on the other hand, is a great attraction itself. Ice caves, glacial lagoons, and northern lights are among the key things you can see during your trip. Why is it a good place to visit in November but not in other months?

For these attractions to be available, they need to be safe, and for that, the ice needs to freeze properly. November is the perfect time since the ice is already deeply frozen, but the temperatures are still bearable compared to winter. So, this is an ideal choice if you want to go on a unique fall vacation.

Best places to visit in november

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Cheaper, less crowded, warm, and as charming as usual – that’s Dubrovnik in the fall for you. If you want to catch the last sun rays of the summer, eat delicious local fruits, and sightsee magnificent baroque buildings, this is the way to go.

It’s also an excellent place for all Star Wars and Game of Thrones fans – the 8th episode of the former was shot there, and the fans of the latter will surely recognize Trsteno Arboretum as this is the location where all the scenes in the gardens of King’s Landing were recorded.

Laurel Highlands, Pennsylvania

If you’re a fan of colorful autumn forests, Laurel Highlands are among the best places to travel in the fall for you. Old bridges, river valleys, and stunning mountains, all complemented by tons of fun family activities – that’s what you get there. November is the best time to travel to this place since it’s the peak of leaves changing their hues and offering you a view like no other.


The US northern neighbor is the perfect place to visit in November for both those who want to go on a quick fall weekend getaway and those who are planning an autumn vacation. What’s so special there?

First, the beautiful cascades of colorful leaves that you’ll see almost everywhere, including the trademark maple leaves. Secondly, there is the possibility to see snowy landscapes as well, depending on the region. Finally, the opportunity to see the northern lights.

Canada offers a wide variety of options – you can, for instance, stay in a remarkable hotel and participate in indoor attractions, or choose a cabin in the woods and enjoy the coziness of the firewood burning in your fireplace in the evening.


Turkey in November is also a great choice. Quite warm, without many tourists and with numerous Roman monuments, ruins, and antiques – that’s this country for you. Opt for a visit to Istanbul or Mardin and discover the riches of Turkish culture.

The Takeaway

So, you know what are the best places to visit in November. Now it’s time to book your flights, pack your suitcases, and go on your fall holiday. If you’re looking for the best attractions in your destination, download YouMap – there, you’ll find maps created by users that will guide you through the place of your choice!

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