While we’re rarely as excited about the start of fall, as we are for the summer, it’s actually a beautiful time of the year, especially for the youngest members of our families, who can enjoy this season the most. There are many fun fall activities that will let you spend quality time with your closest ones and gather unforgettable memories. What exactly can you do together? Find out in this article!

The Best Fall Activities for Preschoolers

Let’s start with the youngest ones. If one of your kids happens to be a preschooler, you can engage them in numerous wonderful activities, such as:

  • Creating leaf prints – Grab some autumn leaves, roll paint onto them, and print them into paper. It’s simple and it’s fun.
  • Collecting leaves – Making an album full of colorful autumn leaves is yet another wonderful fall activity for preschoolers. It’s a great reason to go outdoors, but also to keep your child engaged indoors after they collect the leaves. Plus, you can enjoy the outcomes – a full album – together for many months afterward.
  • Drawing or painting – Children love to create colorful pictures, so encouraging them to draw or paint fall landscapes might be an excellent idea. Take them on a trip, then suggest that they make a picture of the place they saw – they will fully release their creativity!

The Most Fun Fall Activities for Older Kids

We’ve gone over the fall activities for preschoolers, so let’s talk about fun ways to spend time for the older kids. It’s often more difficult to grab their attention, but with the right ideas, it won’t be a problem. So, what can older children do?

  • Build a scarecrow – With Halloween being closer and closer, you can encourage your kids to prepare adequate decorations, namely a scarecrow. Give them the idea and provide them with the materials they need – let them figure out how to do it. This is a fun way to boost your children’s creativity and let them have fun at the same time.
  • Bake apple pastriesAutumn plans absolutely have to include apples. Let your kids find great apple pie or apple chip recipes, help them out if they need you, and give them the opportunity to make their own sweets. A fun activity with a mouthwatering finish – they’ll love it!
  • Let them jump into a leaf pile – Come on, you’ve surely thought about it at least once – how wonderful would it be to jump into a huge pile of leaves? Your children are not so different – all they need is for you to allow them to do so. Just remember to do it in your own backyard – you wouldn’t like to anger your neighbors by making them rake the leaves again.

fall activities for families

The Greatest Fall Activities for Families

Finally, let’s get to the fun fall activities that you can do together as a family. What will bring joy to both your and your kids’ faces? Here are our suggestions:

  • Go on a hike – Wait for the weekend, pack up some food and water, and drive to a neat place where you can hike. Don’t choose an overly difficult route, but make sure that you spend a couple of hours on it – you’ll have a delightful time while walking and admiring the beauty of nature.
  • Travel abroad – While we usually associate vacations with the summer, you can travel in the fall as well and have as much fun as you would in the hottest season. Just choose your destination, board a plane, and enjoy.
  • Do a family photo shoot – The internet is flooded with remarkable autumn photos, which are irresistible due to their charming atmosphere. You can make similar pictures yourself – get your family to a nearby forest, park, or lake, shoot some lovely photos, and make an album out of them.

The Takeaway

No matter whether you have older or younger kids, there is a plethora of fun fall activities for them and for you all together as a family. Which of these are you going to try?

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