The YouMap Story

Maps were once personalized tools to get us through life. Human tribes first shared maps to point each other to food, resources, and safety. A map written in stone, pointed the safe path home. Our dream is to bring human curation back to mapping. YouMap isn’t about all the places on earth, it’s about the people, places and moments that matter to YOU.

We are bringing humanity back to mapping by handing it back to the users, providing a customizable platform for communities and individuals to empower real time curation and organization. We’ve built our platform to better connect people with those on the ground with the knowledge they need.

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We believe most digital platforms lack cohesion, authenticity, and undervalue empathy. We are giving users the power to build hyper-customized interactive maps suited to purpose. Our dream is that in connecting people through common beliefs and goals YouMap will spark a movement of people unifying for the common good. Join us and let’s make a difference, because this map wasn't built for us, it was built for you.

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YouMap About

Grow your passion for learning and educating, explore maps. Build your content however you want.

Meet our team

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Stephen Constantine

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Michael Milner

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Ewa Zielińska

Project Manager
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Anna Karlińska

Design Lead
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Mateusz Jurkiewicz

UI & Motion Designer
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Karolina Olejniczak

UX Designer & Illustrator
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Antoni Matusz

Front-End Developer
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Oliwia Łakatosz

Software Tester
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Szymon Matysik

iOS Lead
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Mateusz Glapiak

iOS Developer
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Kacper Kaliński

iOS Developer
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Łukasz Boruń

Back-End Lead
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Piotr Chaja

Back-End Developer
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