Autumn is arguably the most beautiful season. The trees changing their color to a pallet of gold, red and brown, the weather being ideal, not boiling, not chilly. You should absolutely make the best of this wonderful time of the year. We want to help you with that – here are some of our ideas for great autumn plans. Enjoy!

Our 5 ideas for delightful autumn plans

Whether near you or abroad – there are many activities to undertake and places to visit that will be perfect in September, October, or November. Planning your autumn can be exciting, and here are some ideas on how you can make it a truly enriching and out-of-the-world experience.

1. Grab a bike

There is nothing better than a cycling trip in the autumn. The weather is optimal, and you can enjoy the beautiful, blooming nature. Find the best bike routes near you, grab your two-wheeler, and go on an amazing adventure!

2. Visit a forest

Your autumn plans should absolutely include visiting a forest. The magnificent multicolored trees and bushes are a view that you won’t forget. Include some additional activities while there – you can go on a shroom hunt, organize an outdoor game or take your dogs on a lovely walk. Just watch out for the rocks and puddles!

Autumn Plans

3. Go abroad

There are quite a few destinations that are best seen in autumn. Some of them will stun you with their beauty, others will still give you the summer vibe. You should definitely visit:

  • Utrecht, Netherlands – Known for its beautiful canals, this town gets truly charming in the second half of the year. The trees become yellowish and orange and truly match the water and the architecture. It’s an excellent place for a romantic trip with your other half – don’t hesitate to visit Utrecht.
  • Seville, Spain – Seville is among the top summer vacation destinations, but sometimes its boiling weather might be simply too much. The mid-season temperatures often reach 40℃ (104℉) or above, making it an ideal place to spend most of the day on the beach, but not so great for sightseeing. But, if you are planning to go there in the autumn, it is completely different. The weather will be still nice enough to enjoy sunbathing, but navigating around the city’s museums and monuments won’t be that exhausting.
  • Belfast, Northern Ireland – If you are a fan of something slightly different, you might consider going to Belfast. In the autumn, the town and its surroundings are already on the verge of winter, creating a beautiful landscape. Enjoy the misty mornings, and hop on a sea safari – it’s worth it.

4. Go apple picking

Apple picking can be fun, and we don’t mean choosing an iPhone. Find the best apple orchards near you and get ready to grab tons of yummy apples. Finish up by making an apple pie – you’ll combine fun with a delicious dessert.

Don’t know where to look for the apple orchards? Download YouMap – our social mapping app and check the maps created by other users, just like you.

5. Go on a leaf-collecting adventure

Is there a better way to conserve autumn memories than by creating an amazing herbarium? Plan your route in the autumn to collect as many different leaves as you can. Dry them and conserve them in an album. You can do it together with your friends or family – you’ll recall the wonderful time you had every time you look at your little herbarium.

The takeaway

There are many awesome ways for planning your leisure time in autumn. Whether it’s going on a bike trip, visiting a forest, organizing a trip abroad, or collecting apples and leaves – you will surely have a wonderful time. Don’t forget to call your friends – the more, the merrier!

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