Summer is a great time for cycling. The sun is shining, the days are longer and the temperature is ideal for doing sports – especially in the evening, right after work. Yet, we all know that a pleasurable setting is as important as the activity itself, thus picking the best bike route is a must.

There are many ways to plan a fun cycling route. You might use bike route maps, apps or other planners. So, how to plan a cycling tour? Read this article to find out!

How to find the best bike routes near you?

‘What are the best bike routes near me’ is a commonly asked question in the cycling season. After all, great views are a major element of a cycling tour. You can plan your bike route using different tools: mobile applications, traditional and social maps, and bike route planners. Here are some of our suggestions:

Use cycling guides – The most traditional tool that you might use while planning your bike route are cycling guides. Cycling guides will provide you with the information on the best bike routes near you, often accompanied by a description and the difficulty level. However, these guidebooks might quickly get outdated – you need to pay attention to the publication date. Otherwise, you might pick a bike route that does not exist anymore.

Try traditional maps – While they might not consist of full-length bike route maps, it is still wise to use them as a supplement to other tools. Combine the information in traditional maps with the routes in cycling guides to create the best bike routes personalized just for you.

bike route map

Bike route map appsIf you are looking for something that will help you find the optimal route while recording your progress, bike route map apps might be for you. We realize that you might get overwhelmed by the vast number of such programs – it’s difficult to know which are the best if there are so many of them. However, we are here to help you, with two: Strava and MapMyRide. You might also want to try social mapping apps, such as YouMap, to see the routes created by other users – even if you don’t like the full routes, you might use them as an inspiration.

Make use of cycling plannersCycling planners are apps which allow you to create your own cycling routes. Some of them will show you the distance, the way types or even the kinds of surfaces that you will be riding on. You will also be given an overall difficulty level, as well as the estimated completion time. Try some of the best bike route planners, such as Komoot, to see whether they are for you.

What should you remember about while planning a cycling tour?

Choosing the best bike route is just the beginning. You also have to pack up properly. Remember to stock up with water and food. Additionally, make sure that your bike is in good condition. After all, if the tour leads you outside the city, there will be no place to buy food or repair your bike.

The takeaway

Planning your bike tour requires some preparation. You need to come up with a good route, for instance by using one of the best bike route maps, and then pack up properly. However, if you prepare well, your bike tour is bound to be great.

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