Many tourist destinations vary in terms of the best season to visit them. Some are hot and consist of many beaches, thus they are better for the summer; others are known for marvelous ski slopes, attracting tourists in the winter. But, we will not focus on either of them in this article. Instead, we want to present a list of the best places to travel in the fall. Looking for a destination for your September or October trip? Then read on!

Where to Travel in the Fall? Our 6 Suggestions

What countries and cities are simply better after the summer heat waves go away? Which places are too crowded in the high season to fully enjoy them? Where to travel in the fall? Here’s our list:

  • New York City – First on our list of the best places to travel in the fall is New York. Due to the extensive heat, the Big Apple is often unbearable in the summer, making it an ideal destination for your autumn plans. Add to that the great combination of golden leaves and old tenement houses, and you get a view like no other.
  • Egypt – There’s quite a shift in the temperatures in Egypt on the verge of August and September, making it an ideal time to travel to this beautiful destination. This cradle of ancient civilization is still warm in the fall, but not as boiling hot as during the summer. Have you ever dreamed of seeing the pyramids or the Sphinx, without pouring out gallons of sweat? Then go there in autumn.
  • Bavaria, Germany – We could say a lot about the colorful trees, charming villages and monumental medieval castles, but let’s be real, it all fades away compared to the main reason why people visit this German region in autumn – the Oktoberfest. Being the largest beer festival in the world, attending it is a dream for many – why don’t you make it come true?
  • Mexico City – If you wish to truly experience Mexican culture, visiting the country in the summer is not a good idea – it will be overflowing with tourists. However, the case is quite different in fall. With not so many visitors and more welcoming air humidity, autumn is the perfect moment for planning a trip behind the southern US border and for discovering the true atmosphere of this country.
  • The Scottish Highlands – Here it’s not the case with temperatures nor the number of tourists, but rather with the views. The Scottish Highlands are breathtaking in general, but with the brown-golden-red trees, their beauty is magnified even further. The best time to visit is on the verge of September and August when the colorful leaves are at their peak. Don’t forget to take some photos!
  • Spain – As a summer travel destination, Spain is mostly recognized for its Mediterranean cuisine and charming beaches. There’s a lot to sightsee there too, yet with thousands of tourists and temperatures reaching up to 104℉ in the summer, you often don’t have enough energy to spend a day visiting the likes of Sagrada Família, Gran Vía, or Metropol Parasol. But, if you travel there in the fall, you won’t face such problems. The weather will be optimal, not too hot, but warm enough to swim in the sea, and the number of tourists will be much lower, so you’ll be able to enjoy the magnificent Spanish cities at your own pace.

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The Takeaway

These are the best places to travel to in autumn. Check them out and maybe try visiting one of them this year? It will surely be a worthwhile trip!

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