With the rampant inflation and market uncertainty, the importance of savings rose to a new level. It is especially true about traveling – we all wish for marvelous vacations, yet nowadays cutting costs is a must. We try to achieve it by giving up on all-exclusive trips and turning to slow travel or avoiding the most popular tourist destinations. But, do you know how to fully embrace your vacation, while keeping the costs relatively low? If not, read this article – we will explain here how to travel the world on a budget.

How to find cheap hotels?

The first aspect that we need to discuss is finding affordable accommodation. There are two main strategies on how you can find cheap hotel rooms: look for less popular lodging or book last minute offers.

Where to find less popular accommodation?

The best idea is to check the hotels and Airbnbs away from the tourist attractions. Usually, travelers tend to book accommodation near beaches or city centers, so these areas are much more expensive. Also, don’t stick to hotels only – hostels and Airbnbs are great alternatives and won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

How to find cheap hotels at the last minute?

The best way you can find cheap last-minute hotels is by constantly checking the net. On average, booking a hotel on the same day costs 10% less, yet it might not be the case with every accommodation. It also poses a risk that no rooms will be available, so we do not recommend it. Instead, look at the websites of the hotels and middleman companies, such as booking.com – you might find some interesting last-minute offers there.

how to find cheap hotels

Where to travel on a budget?

If you desire to cut the costs of your vacation, you should definitely opt for places which are not the typical tourist destinations. These usually have higher prices, knowing that visitors will be willing to pay. Try countries in Eastern Europe instead, or check some maps in our social mapping app, YouMap – you might find interesting options there.

How to avoid additional costs while traveling on a budget?

If you desire to travel on a budget, you should beware additional costs. How to do that? By proper planning. If you create a detailed itinerary, you will be able to avoid any unexpected expenses, thus reducing the overall price of your vacation significantly. But, how to plan a trip?

We suggest using YouMap. With our application, you will be able to create a complete plan of your journey in the form of a map. This way, you will know exactly how much time you need to proceed from one destination to another. By marking places like restaurants, tourist attractions, even public transportation stops, you will have a top-notch plan and sticking to it will make you avoid any additional expenses.

YouMap will be great for any vacation, but it will prove especially useful if you are wondering how to plan a budget road trip. This kind of travel may surprise you with many additional costs, such as expensive hotels and gas. Yet, if you have it thoroughly planned, you can estimate how many miles you will cover each day and what are the best sleeping options on your route. Thus, while planning is always important, for a road trip it is crucial, and you mustn’t overlook it.

The takeaway

Now you know how to travel around the world on a budget. Finding cheap hotels and the perfect destinations is no longer a problem, and you know that with proper planning you will avoid additional costs. So, it’s time to prepare for your vacation, isn’t it?

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