It’s almost the time for your vacations and you’re starting to wonder how to spend them? Maybe you want to plan a trip, but you don’t know how? Then our guide is something you must read! With some of our tips, you’ll be able to plan your trip in no-time!

How to begin planning a trip?

The first things you should focus on is how long you want your trip to be and how much money you want to spend. Knowing the budget per day is a crucial element of planning a trip – this will help you choose the place(s) you want to see.

Secondly, you need to think about the type of the trip. You can go backpacking, you can plan a road trip – there are many options to choose from, but you need to make the decision before planning the next steps of your trip.

Finally, if you know all the above you need to choose your destination. Don’t only think about the place which you want to see – consider the availability of hotels around it, possible tourist attractions – maybe you’re dreaming about visiting a place, but you are planning a 5-day long trip and you would get bored there after 2 days? You need to think about all these aspects while planning your trip. You can help yourself with this task by using mobile travel apps, in which you can check almost all important elements of your trip – hotels, restaurants, places worth sightseeing.

Different trip types – How to plan them?

As it was mentioned before, there are different types of trips. Each of them requires a bit different approach – here we will show you what you need to focus on while planning various trips.

How to plan a road trip?

While preparing a road trip, no matter whether it’s going to be cross-country or on a much smaller scale, you need to focus on your car. Make sure everything is in place, pack your emergency kit and remember – the route is the essence of road trips. The best way to map out your road trip is using mobile apps, such as YouMap – you can set up your route there and access it through your cell phone.
Planning a trip

How to plan a backpacking trip?

If you opt for a backpacking trip, you need to analyze your own predispositions. Knowing what you are capable of is a crucial part of going backpacking. And apart from that, you need to plan your resources as well. Think about how much food and water you will use, and how much you can take with you. Remember – if it’s your first time backpacking, it’s natural that the trip won’t be long – you need to get used to this form of traveling.

Maps – How can they help you plan your trip, and how to use them?

Maps were always the key to traveling. While traditional maps might seem ancient, there are numerous map apps that will help you plan your trip and get the best possible experience out of it. Here is a list of how both traditional and digital maps can help you plan your trip:

  • Maps will help you figure out where you are if you ever get lost.
  • Maps often have information on the places around you – especially those in mobile devices will often have shops, gas stations and restaurants marked on them. They will also provide you with reviews – so you will know where you’re eating beforehand.
  • Maps are crucial when you need to change your route – sometimes, when for instance the road is blocked, you need to change your plans. But as we have mentioned before, the road is a part of the journey. So if you need a plan B, you can use maps to choose the next optimal, or similarly fascinating route.


Planning a trip requires undertaking a couple of steps. You need to prepare a budget, define how long your vacation will be and figure out what kind of trip suits you. Yet, if you plan all of these steps, your journey is bound to be pleasurable.

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