Krakow is a beautiful city known for its medieval market square, old town, the Wawel castle, the Jewish district and its Christmas market. However, in the summer, history might be the second thing that we think about, right after cooling down. The best way to do the latter is to swim. But, where to swim in Krakow? Here you will find out!

The best lakes in Krakow

There are several lakes in Krakow that are great for summer swimming. The first one is called Zalew Bagry. It was created as a result of flooding of an old gravel pit. It has a nice beach, numerous facilities, such as beach cafés, and it is surrounded with nature. Thus, Bagry is a great place for those who want to evade the city rush and relax. The best way to get there is by buses – lines 127 and 427 stop directly by the lake. The bus stop is named ‘Kozia’. You might also try traveling on a tram, but in such cases you will have a longer walk from the stop to the lake – you will need to get off at ‘Lipska’. There you might wait for one of the previously mentioned buses or walk directly to your destination.

Another great lake in Krakow is Zalew Kryspinów. Technically, it’s outside the city limits. Nevertheless, it is fairly easy to get there, and it’s one of the most popular swimming spots for Krakow citizens. You can get there by bus – most of them start at Salwator. Additionally, there is a great cycling track that leads to Kryspinów called Trasa Tyniecka, so you can grab your bike and combine cycling with swimming.

The best swimming pools in Krakow

We will begin this list with an outdoor swimming pool in Krakow – Zakrzówek. This place was hard to fit into this list, since Zakrzówek is an artificial lake located in a flooded quarry. However, it has recently been renovated into a swimming spot. It is unique due to the nature of the pools – they float on the surface of the lake itself. The water in the pools is clear and resembles the one on tropical islands. Moreover, since the pools are located on the lake, visitors may make use of the natural beaches. This way, you can combine the experience of a swimming pool and a lake. You can get there by buses and trams – find a connection to the stop ‘Kapelanka’ and walk from there.

Let’s not forget about the most well-known swimming pool in Krakow – the Aquapark. It is an indoor pool with many attractions such as slides, water games or obstacle courses. However, this place might be crowded during the rush hours, so think through when you want to go there. If you are considering public transportation, get to the bus stop ‘Park Wodny’ – this way you won’t have to walk much.

Zakrzówek: outdoor swimming pool krakow

Best thermal baths in Krakow

One of the best thermal baths in Krakow is Termy Krakowskie Błonia. This place is located in the city center, right next to the Wisła’s Stadium. You will surely enjoy their wide range of services – pools, thermal baths and sauna. To get there, you need to find a connection to the ‘Reymana’ stop.

The takeaway

There are many great swimming pools, lakes and thermal baths in Krakow. Try them all out to see which one is the best for you. And if you already know these places, check out YouMap social mapping app for more locations worth visiting!

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