Are you planning some unforgettable trips for the upcoming year? Wonderful! With YouMap you can schedule your whole 2024 travel bucket list and visualize your trips to build up excitement and ensure that everything goes according to the plan. Do you wish to learn how to do that? Then read this article!

How to Create a Travel Bucket List with YouMap

Let’s start with the basics: how to make a travel bucket list using our map? For that, you need two things: a device with iOS (iPhone, iPad, MacBook) and a list of your destinations.

No matter whether you plan to visit one of the top summer vacation destinations or cozy winter getaways, you need to specify what attractions you wish to see in each of these places. To do so, you can do your research online or check the maps in YouMap prepared by other users who visited the particular destination. When you have the list of attractions ready, you can build your travel destination bucket list.

How to create such a travel destination bucket list? The best idea is to make your own map! Mark all the attractions on it and see the result – a visualization of your plans. You can use the end-map as a starting point for your scheduling when you finally visit a particular destination.

Travel Bucket List

Why Making a Travel Bucket List in YouMap Is a Great Idea?

Right now, you know how to handle creating a bucket list in our app, right? But do you know why it’s an excellent option? There are quite a few reasons for that, which you can see below:

  • Customization feature – Our app enables you to add all the details about your future trips that you need and want – nothing less and nothing more. This way, you can avoid scrolling through vast amounts of unnecessary information when planning your trip – it’s all effortless.
  • Joint trip planning – You can quickly turn your YouMap travel bucket list into a trip planning tool – and you can do it together with your friends and family! The maps are interactive, so you can invite whoever you want to collaborate with you and plan the vacations of your life. It’s literally one of the best ways to get your group trip planned – you have all the attractions chosen by each of your friends marked on one map, so it’s extremely easy to select the ones that you will visit and build up your travel itinerary.
  • Community feedback – You can also post your map for other YouMap users to view. This way, you can gather feedback and reviews of the attractions that you want to visit and perhaps even get some tips or suggestions from fellow travelers. If you’re lucky enough, your map may be visited by locals, who might suggest even better places to visit that you wouldn’t learn about otherwise.

The Takeaway

You know how to make a bucket list of your travel destinations in YouMap, so get to it! With all the features designed for trip planning, your journey is bound to be a success.

Do you want to record your adventure? You can also use YouMap for this – read our article on telling stories with maps to find out how to do it.