Summer is over which means it’s time to get ready for long, cozy evenings. While sipping on hot tea and sitting in your armchair, covered with a fluffy blanket can be atmospheric and magical itself, these aren’t the only perks of the autumn months. What are the most beautiful autumn places in the world and what makes them so special this time of year?

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Why are autumn travels a good idea?

Apart from the fact that the weather is usually milder during autumn (meaning the season is perfect for exploring places that are boiling hot in summer), leaves start changing colors around this time, making nature even more picturesque than usual.

Whether you’re looking for a place to escape the cold weather or you want to admire some colorful autumn foliage, these are the top 8 destinations for travelers who love adventures.

Where to see fall foliage? 8 destinations

What are the most beautiful autumn places in the world?

  • New England, USA – the New England region is also famous for its autumn foliage. It is made up of six diverse U.S. states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. The best time to visit is usually in October when the leaves are at their peak. These states are great destinations for a road trip while they are blanketed in a sea of red, orange, and yellow leaves. Definitely a beautiful scenery to enjoy while driving.
  • The Alps, Europe – the Alps are a stunning mountain range that spans several countries in Europe, including Austria, France, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. So, if you want to see the most beautiful autumn in the world, plan your trip to one of these countries in September or October.
  • Edinburgh, Scotland – if you’re looking for a European city with amazing autumn foliage, then you should head to Edinburgh, Scotland. This city is known for its stunning architecture, and in autumn, it’s even more beautiful with the added bonus of colorful leaves.
  • Tokyo, Japan – Tokyo is a great destination for people who love colorful landscapes, especially in November when the leaves start to turn red and yellow. This is a great time to visit the city as you’ll be able to see it in all its glory.
  • Bavaria, Germany – Bavaria is a beautiful region in Germany that’s famous for its fairytale castles and picturesque villages. In autumn, the leaves changing colors make the scenery even more breathtaking. Besides, you can taste some delicious local wheat beer.
  • Quebec, Canada – Quebec is a province in Canada that’s known for its French-Canadian culture and stunning nature. In autumn, the leaves turn a beautiful shade of red, making it a great travel destination for those who love maple syrup and autumn vibes.
  • Seoul, South Korea – we’ll end our list of locations where you can see autumn foliage around the world with Seoul. This city is full of life and energy, and in autumn, it’s even more impressive and magical.

The takeaway

As you can see, there are many amazing places where you can see the most beautiful autumn in the world. 

If you’re a fan of colorful scenery and long walks through atmospheric streets, you should definitely include one of the destinations on your autumn bucket list.

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