Did you come across the YouMap app, and you’re wondering what you need this app for?

You probably associate a map app with one thing – it should show you the traffic on the road and possibly lead you to your destination in the fastest way. What if we told you that there are more benefits of using YouMap?

Our customizable maps can help you in both your personal and professional life. Aside from helping you find the best place to hang out with your friends, it can also be a great marketing tool that promotes your business.

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Are you intrigued by the concept and want to learn more? Read on.

How to use the YouMap app?

Imagine an app that guides you through what is happening in your city, connects communities together, and may even be able to increase sales for you if you own a business. Isn’t that quite fascinating? This is YouMap.

YouMap is the app that doesn’t want to show you all the places around – the restaurant with poor food or a long-gone store. Instead, it’s a platform whose goal is to connect people and hand mapping back to the users. 

Thanks to that, you get verified information about the particular place. Are you visiting New York? There’s no problem – you’ll find out where the locals hang out and increase your chances of seeing only the best spots (by the way, just imagine how easy sightseeing would be).

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“We are giving users the power to build hyper-customized interactive maps suited to their purpose. Our dream is that in connecting people through common beliefs and goals YouMap will spark a movement of people unifying for the common good.”

~  Stephen Constantine – Founder 

YouMap allows you to promote your business, find a great event going on at the moment, or even alert you to something unexpected on the sidewalk.

It combines all your favorite aspects of other social networks in a unique, easy-to-use way. You can select your location, post your comment, assign an emoji, upload photos, and share!

Throughout this article, we show you nine tips on how to simplify your life with YouMap. When you start using the app, you probably realize that it gives you even more. 

Benefits of using YouMap

We are sure YouMap can help make your life easier, so let us show the key benefits of using YouMap:

1. Create your own private maps

Are you tired of the list of must-see places saved in notes on your phone? So we are. You have to type the location’s address into the Navi every time, which is neither quick nor enjoyable (and more chance of missing something relevant).

It is for this reason that YouMap is so useful here. Are you planning a trip with your friends? The only thing you have to do is to set up a private map and invite others. You will be able to add the places you absolutely want to visit. Each of you will know what you want to see and that way the planning of the whole trip will go much more smoothly. 

What’s more, you have access to this map anytime, anywhere, so you can quickly go back to places that you liked or even share them with others who want to visit them as well. So you can build your own world, share ideas, and let others know what’s happening.

2. Use templates

Suppose you prefer to use a pre-built map and then customize it to meet your needs. Alternatively, such a choice is available as well. This way, you can create your own maps in minutes.

YouMap’s templates help users create content for maps by providing clickable shortcuts to input fields. By adding fields such as Star Ratings, Value Sliders, Option Sliders, and more you can control how information is shared on your maps. That’s all, your map is ready to go live (just remember to assign a category to your new map so that others can discover and follow it).

3. Follow maps

Don’t forget to follow maps that were created by other mappers, e.g. a UFO sightings world map. You can contribute to maps with which you are interested and collaborate with people that follow them as well.

With YouMap, it is much easier to find your neighbors who share the same interests as you or have similar goals.

What’s your dog’s usual walking route? Do you always go to the same spot? Change is needed! Browse dog lover maps and find inspiration. Both you and your dog make some new friends and say goodbye to boredom.

4. Check reviews on YouMap

YouMap offers a growing list of standard Guide Maps created by locals and ambassadors who want to share real-time information about events and places that might be hard to access otherwise.

Thanks to that, you get access to places you wouldn’t hear about in the traditional guidebook. See which part of town is the coolest to watch the sunset at or the best spots to fly a drone. You get first-hand information and don’t have to worry about disappointment.

You don’t have to be a tourist to take advantage of these maps – they may even surprise a long-time resident and let you discover your city again.

5. Build communities

Speaking of residents, it is worth mentioning that YouMap’s goal is to create communities worldwide that share the same interests. That is why it provides mapping features that allow for cooperation between the citizens. 

They can exchange opinions and information with other mappers and use real-time sharing to drive their engagement. Whenever there are hazards or closures, they can be notified quickly.

YouMap can be successfully implemented by local governments that can utilize the capabilities of this application to save resources and money. Crowdsourced data can help fill budget and project planning needs in cities. Local governments and citizens both benefit, resulting in a win-win situation. Read more about YouMap cities here.

6. Track news

Another feature that which you may not have known about, and which YouMap offers is visualizing news. Imagine a news platform that works as a map. If a strike occurs in one part of town or something is happening in another, you can easily track it down (with just one look at the map you know if something concerns you or not). 

There are also many benefits of mapping for journalists. With the help of YouMap, they can reach out to a larger audience and engage their readers so that they participate in real-time reporting. With YouMap, they can track stories and gather data from the ground in a flexible, fully creative way.

YouMap can become a great add-on to traditional journalism. It can give readers a fresh perspective and make them more aware of the subject matter. Journalists can get real-time feedback, and readers can filter the news to include only the places near them. It appears to be another great solution.

7. Use YouMap on events

Festival and other major event maps are no longer surprising, but what if we told you about a map you could interact with and get real-time updates on? You are about to experience a whole new way to engage with other participants. It will be much easier for you to find your way to the event venue and get to know other people as well!

Let’s imagine a music festival powered by a YouMap. By using this app, you’ll be able to quickly locate the most critical spots, such as the food truck area or particular stage (all festival-goers know how important it is if you have no time between the concerts). Additionally, you’ll have the chance to interact with other participants about the concert in real-time. 

YouMap can put event mapping to the next level. The organizers will be able to create a unique virtual space (with avoiding expensive development costs). Moreover, they will be able to respond to the needs of the participants faster, track the deliveries, and manage all the stuff related to the event more effectively.

8. Consider YouMap Business

Do we have people here who run their own business? Good news! YouMap is a valuable business tool as well. You can promote your restaurant, shop, or service on one of the available maps. So what do you have to do? You have to follow a chosen map and put your place there. 

This solution gives you one more important thing – it’s much easier to control what is happening around your brand, and you can increase your customers’ (and employees’) engagement.

YouMap gives you much more than promotional features. You can use it also for your own purposes – what does it mean exactly? You can avoid expensive development costs and create a custom platform – e.g., to map your suppliers, track deliveries, or manage your fleet. This app can give you a big picture of your daily operations. 

Depending on what you intend to do with this app, many possibilities can meet your business needs and improve your performance over time. Read more about how to promote your business on YouMap here.

9. Simplify communication

As the goal of YouMap is communities and connecting people, it’s evident that streamlined communication between users is one of the main features of the app.

Wonder how to make friends from other countries online? YouMap lets you communicate with other mappers and people with similar interests to yours (this has probably been mentioned more than once). In another sense, it is like other social media platforms – it’s aimed at connecting people. You can easily exchange views, add posts about things that are relevant to you, and comment on them. 

Using a single interface, YouMap enables accessible communication between customers, employees, and suppliers. As a result, your team will be able to respond to all customer requests quickly, collaborate with the crowd and generate leads. 

A direct link with your brand makes people feel as if they have a connection with you, and that is extremely important when you are trying to build a positive presence online. By using YouMap, you can empower your other digital activities and create a cohesive online brand image.

Already convinced? Try to use YouMap by yourself!

In short, YouMap can provide you with a lot of options. It’s far more than a typical map app. It’s a platform that can make your life easier in many different ways. You can customize the map your way and discover places you weren’t aware of before.

It doesn’t matter if you need a map app that shows you event spots or a map that helps promote your business and simplifies collaboration between those involved with it. YouMap can handle this.

You can easily join your community to participate in daily activities while connecting with the people around you and experiencing other benefits of using YouMap. 

You can map anything, anywhere. It’s your life, map it with YouMap.