Business and YouMap can make a perfect pair. Maybe the title sounds a bit cheesy, but truth has to be told – this is a combination that can really make your business grow.

The competition doesn’t sleep at all, so it may seem harder and harder to stand out from the crowd. Well…Unless you use YouMap. With this “revolutionary” solution, it can be easier to bring your brand to the forefront. Are you ready to see how your business and YouMap can work together? Find out the benefits of promoting business on YouMap.


So, let’s put your business on the map!

How does YouMap differ from other mapping apps?

YouMap is a real time social network platform for communities to share what’s happening now.  Our main goal is to connect like-minded individuals and form communities by sharing spots, ideas, comments, and relevant events. What sets YouMap apart is customizability. YouMap’s modular design lets you easily customize what appears on your map. Post templates allow for unique posting flows tailored to your business need. This modular system allows you to create rich post with video, audio, text, date and more can be to act both as a company intranet and promotional platform to connect with users. giving you the power to use YouMap for nearly any use imaginable. Youmap is about your places, your people and your post without all the clutter of normal maps and hyper-focused to your vertical.  

YouMap is like a lego set for creating your own fully featured mapping without any of the coding. YouMap replaces the need to build a dedicated app for your business potentially saving you millions on development cost. Promote an upcoming event, create a map for your employees, test out your business ideas with YouMap.  how to promote your business on social media

And now you probably think: “Okay, but how can all of these help me grow my business?”

Easier than you think. 

You can create your own customizable maps in minutes, saving time and money you would otherwise spend on development. And it’s not even the beginning. Check how to promote your business on YouMap.

How YouMap can put your business in the spotlight:

Build a competitive advantage

It’s the first reason why. YouMap is still a new solution, so not many businesses know about it yet. Does anyone in your field have a solution like this? Nobody? Great! You can be first and build a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Are you running a real estate business? Or maybe you have a small local store with hand-made pottery? It doesn’t matter since you can tailor your map to the needs of your business. Present your business as one that follows trends, caters to its customers, and wants to be seen online in an unusual way.

Almost everyone uses social media to promote their business, have a Business Profile on Google to be visible on Google Search and Maps, and have a website. To be clear – we don’t want you to give it up. But to stay one step ahead of the competition, you have to come up with something else – and YouMap can give you this. The solution isn’t mainstream yet, so why not?

Make your communication interactive

Being a consumer, you know just how vital it is to have direct communication with the brand. What a huge impact it has on how you perceive the whole company. Interestingly, as the latest research says – if the company’s customer service is excellent, 78% of consumers will do business with a company again even after a mistake. So it pays off to take care of it.

YouMap simplifies the communication with your current and potential clients and helps you respond to all their questions. Its easy-to-use interface makes everything interactive, as both brands and clients play their own roles and can have their input in map creation.

Incorporate the map into other activities

Why do businesses find YouMap so attractive? First, you don’t have to stick to one map. You can use YouMap as an add-on that will enhance your other activities. You can use a map to diversify your content or even to create, e.g., a map to track deliveries. Using this solution, you can get a complete picture of all your business’s daily operations.

Imagine a tool that can help you to communicate with the clients, along with managing your fleet and mapping your suppliers. And all of these, presented on maps that are well-designed and, at the same time, valid for all stakeholders. Here it is!

The visual presentation of business operations can add significant value by visualizing the information more digestible to employees. This means businesses will have better insight into critical information and will be able to understand and manage your company’s activities better.

You want to be remembered? Now you will be

Three days after hearing something, people are likely to remember only 10% of it. In contrast, if a relevant image is paired with that information, people retain 65% of it three days later.

Do you know what does it mean? The map will help people to, e.g., more easily associate information about your company with a particular city area. Due to this, they probably recall it more quickly when they’re around.

Take advantage of that YouMap presents your business through images, mapojis, Value Sliders, Star Ratings, and Option Sliders.

Put a couple of locations for your brick and mortar stores

Do you have more than one store? Use YouMap to let people know where each location is. Remember also about updating all relevant information like opening hours, phone numbers, photos, and so on to each location.

It might be very confusing for clients if you messed them up – let’s seem that you have a restaurant and you forget to update right phone number to the location. What might happened? Someone orders food in one place and goes to pick it up in another. It certainly won’t work in your favor.

Thankfully, YouMap shows all the information in a clear and appealing way, so people will certainly have no doubts about which information relates to which location.

Make it shareable and user-generated content will come on its own

As we said earlier, YouMap maps are fully interactive. What does it mean exactly? Both users and you can participate in creating maps. It can help you to engage your current and potential customers and build a community around your brand.

All you have to do is to share your map. Thanks to that, other mappers will be able to follow it and create it with you. They will be able to post, give feedback, and talk to each other in real-time. What’s more important – it’s your map, so you decide about its settings, submit the content on your map and control how information is shared by adding and editing fields.

What do you get in return? User-generated content that you can use further on other social media channels. Do you know that UGC makes brand content more authentic and increases its transparency? Therefore, encourage your users to share it – with YouMap, you’ll succeed in doing so.

Repurpose your content

Using repurposed content is all about taking content you have already created and giving it a new twist. This way, you can reach out to new audiences, reinforce your message and improve organic visibility. As a bonus, it’s a great way to fill content gaps since most of the work is already done.

YouMap gives you an extensive range of possibilities in this case. The sky is the limit here. 

How to select content for repurposing? Previous success and relevant topics indicate that repurposing the content would be valuable.

For instance, if you’re running a blog, you can use your existing content to give it a new life. Maybe you already have an article in which you point out the five best places here and there. Putting them on YouMap allows you to show them in an alternative way – and promote your business on social media.

How to promote your business on YouMap: our app and business pairs examples

It might help you to see how a particular business can benefit from YouMap. Get inspired!

🏠  Real estate business 

If you’re running a real estate business, YouMap is the perfect solution for that. Agents can visualize their offerings and properties, as well as have contact with interested clients. No more boring, long lists of properties – clients will be able to find their dream house by looking at the map! Learn more about promoting real estate business with YouMap.

🍻 Music festival

The highly customizable features of YouMap make it a perfect solution for all kinds of events as well. For example, festival organizers can save a lot of money on map development by using this app.

People will be able to exchange real-time opinions (e.g., about the concert that already takes place), create an even better community around the event, quickly find the stage that they’re looking for, or find a spot with food trucks.

Further, with YouMap, festival organizers can improve ticket sales and gather and analyze event information. It’s a good match!

🎿 Ski resort

A ski resort that uses YouMap will be the best! Such a resort would provide you with real-time information on conditions on the slopes, the weather based on the latest forecast, food spots on slopes, queues to the ski lifts, viewpoints, etc. It’ll be super helpful to find yourself and save a lot of time.

⛱  Travel agency

Travel and YouMap go together. Mappers can use maps to exchange opinions about particular places to make traveling easier for others. Travel agencies can take a lot of advantages from that as well.

Through sharing some pertinent information about particular places, they can promote their business. In addition, YouMap maps can be used to show available hotels (it will simplify searches a lot).


🌎  NGO

Non-profit organizations can benefit from YouMap too. They can visualize all their activities to show people what good they do for the community. By reporting, e.g., ⚠️ cruelty, 🌱 vegan-friendly spots, 🗣️ public speech, 📅 meetups, it’s easier to have control under all such activities.

Over and out

Clearly, YouMap is an excellent option for boosting your online presence. The application enables you to develop a community around your brand, exchange opinions with other mappers, share ideas, track deliveries, and manage your business as a whole.

Even if you thought you didn’t need a map, we believe that after reading this article, you now do not doubt that it might be helpful in your case either. 

YouMap and your business can make a good pair. See this app in action and help your business grow!