Among all generations of home buyers, 97% of them look online for properties. A buyer who initiates an Internet search for a home most often walks through the house they view online first. 

As the latest research shows, this trend has intensified with the outbreak of a pandemic. As people prioritize social distance and stay indoors, virtual home tours have replaced open houses.

These factors all contribute to the fact that the way your real estate business is represented online can have a massive impact on your sales.

Is your real estate business generating the results you would like? 

You’ve come across the best place to learn how to improve your business and introduce your listings in a fully interactive and modern way. With such a professional image, your business will stand out and have a greater chance of becoming an industry leader. 

We’ll show you how.

A realtor’s must-have tool to promote real estate

As a real estate agent, you exactly know that “time is money” in your job. Keeping up with all the trends and good time management are key factors to success. Working with the client, constantly changing expectations, and customer preferences may make it difficult. Working in such a variable industry as real estate can be a real challenge. Is that right?


That is why you should take advantage of available tools and choose the solutions that keep pace with the changing clients’ preferences. We’re not talking about whether they prefer to buy houses or apartments now, but HOW they do it.

In this piece, we want to show you a tool that can streamline your work to the maximum, help you to promote real estate business, present your listings in a new, outstanding way, and – most importantly – help you find new clients interested in your properties.

What is YouMap and how will it help you promote real estate?

YouMap is a customizable platform for mapping. Using the application, users can discover what is happening in their city, form connections with other communities, and what’s the most important – use it for business purposes.

The map app doesn’t show all of the options around – the restaurant with bad food or closed store. Instead, it’s a platform that shows spots recommended by locals and verified by other users. In so doing, it makes the places on it more powerful.

Promote real estate

YouMap provides features that allow for building hyper-customized interactive maps suited to the purpose. Thus, it has all the functions typical to other social networks- you can share ideas there, post a comment, upload photos, assign an emoji, and share. That makes it an excellent tool for the real estate business.

How to improve your real estate marketing? You’re running out of ideas on how to encourage people to use your agency to find their dream house? With YouMap, you can put your brand in the spotlight and stand out from the competition by an unusual presentation of your offer.

On your map (highly engaging for potential clients), they will be able to see all the available houses easily – see their surroundings, where they are, what’s in their close neighborhood. By displaying listings in such a way, you can improve your offer potential.

Getting to the point – if you are still wondering whether your business needs such a solution, read on. We are more than sure that you will be intrigued by the concept. Learn how to market real estate with YouMap.

YouMap in real estate: 5 real estate marketing tips

real estate marketing tips

Build custom maps with YouMap 

Maps available on the YouMap are fully customizable. It means that you can create and edit maps in minutes. Your business needs are the most important there. You decide how it should look, choose your own settings, and customize it to suit your business needs (and save time and money!). YouMap has an awesome feature called “post templates”. These are flexible content blocks that allow you to post the content you want, in the way you want. We have made it easy to map out your clients, content and goals.  YouMap is a code free way to map your business, your way.

Make your listings visually appealing

Scrolling the thousands of houses’ photos can become tedious, so your prospects will be grateful that your agency shows their properties in a different way. An interactive map makes it attractive and entertaining. They will see your offers from a bird’s eye view, and by clicking on particular “smokey,” they will see photos and more information about the listing.

Engage your customers

The YouMap platform allows you to answer all questions from potential investors quickly. They can directly comment on one of your offers (and other viewers will see it, too). 

This way, you can enhance your image of a loyal and authentic brand. As a result, you can generate more leads and collaborate with the crowd to get real-time feedback. Solid brand image = higher chances that they’ll like your offers and decide to invest in one.

Promote your listings

YouMap is also a great marketing platform that you can use to promote your real estate business. You can follow some maps and add your offer to the existing ones. It’s a way to become more visible and catch the attention of locals and people interested in the surrounding.

Simplify communication and management

It’s not all. YouMap can also work as an intelligent property management solution with features as tenant profiles, tracking cleaning & maintenance crews, reporting, and more. Communicate with all stakeholders through one easy-to-use interface and get an overview of all operations.

There’s no doubt that YouMap can be your golden mean in the real estate business. It makes the sales of houses more innovative, at the same time helping in promotion, management, and communication with the clients.

It can turn out to be your superpower in terms of an online presence. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t resign from other channels – especially social media platforms that have a massive impact on the real estate business nowadays (77% of realtors actively use social media for real estate in some way, shape or form).

You can learn more about our offer for the YouMap app for real estate. 

Which other social media platforms to use for real estate?

  • Facebook

It’s a top pick of real estate agents – 97% of them choose Facebook as their primary social media platform to market real estate business, offers, and communicate with the prospects. In addition, you can use Facebook Marketplace to create properties listing and try to reach a larger audience.

  • LinkedIn

It might come as a surprise that real estate businesses choose LinkedIn as their next platform after Facebook. It’s a social network for professionals, making it a great place to keep in touch with other agents in the real estate sector, create engaging and educational content, and boost your authority.

  • Instagram

Last but certainly not least is Instagram. An Instagram account can give you an advantage over competitors (only 39% of them choose Instagram). Publish high-quality photos, use Instagram Stories and IGTV to promote your offers, and make your content attractive.

Promote real estate business

Some more marketing tips and tricks for real estate

Getting into the real estate business online is an extensive topic. Additionally, the market has become increasingly competitive. Is that overwhelming? We want to share a few more tips with you to make sure you take full advantage of your business. What is effective in real estate marketing?

Diversify your content

No matter if you create content for social media or blog on your website, keep it interesting for the followers. Providing valuable content around your properties will help you gain attention not only from prospective customers but also from people interested in interior design topics.

What content can you share to make your online presence more valuable?

  • Makeovers

You know how popular house renovation TV shows are these days, so use this trend to your advantage. People like to watch all kinds of makeovers, “before and after,” etc., even if it doesn’t directly affect them. Make use of it. The more attractive the content, the better chance you reach out to more people and maybe come across on the future investor?

  • Testimonials

Tell stories of your satisfied clients, what house they were looking for, which one they decided to buy, etc. Storytelling can have a considerable impact on potential clients and might be this “X factor” that will determine that they’re going to choose your service.

  • New property listings

Each time you have a new property to offer, you should let people know on every channel you use to contact them. You’ve never known when your prospect will come across your offer. Include beautiful photos and a caption containing all of the essential information about the listing.

  • House tour

84% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a video. That’s enough to conclude that you should use this type of content to show your properties. Do you remember MTV Cribs? Organize some of your listings in such a way – engaged prospects guaranteed.

  • DIY home tips

Doesn’t everyone like creating something out of nothing? Educate and appeal to your crowd by sharing valuable and practical information. By demonstrating your expertise with fun and innovative ways to upgrade one’s residence, you’ll be able to retain your current and gain future customers.

Run paid ads

You can reach any market through paid ads like Facebook Ads, which provide highly detailed targeting options. They range from first-time homebuyers to just-married couples. Target your ads to the people depending on what you’re offering.

Do you want to sell a villa with a swimming pool? Target your ad to the people based on their income, location, demographic, and behavioral targeting options. The possibilities are many; choose the ones more suitable for your audience.

Start a blog

If you want to establish yourself as a leader in the real estate industry, a blog is a great solution. You can write about many valuable and exciting topics. Let’s be honest – they’re endless in your case. Highlight the most common problems and fears the prospects face, and try to help them. You’ll see, it works!

Follow the market

The real estate industry is constantly changing (it’s the thing that we’ve already known), that is why you have to be up to date and know all the current trends. Observe your competition and see what they’re doing. This will give you insight into how their marketing strategy works and allow you to snap out their falls. 

Be patient and regular

Building a brand image can even take years. Don’t give up, and try to keep regular, and it will sooner or later pay off. Conducting social media accounts, websites, etc., is a constant learning process, but you’ll see that if you are patient, you’ll quickly master these skills.

Let’s revamp your real estate business

Have you already found a way to interest your potential clients and present your offer unconventionally? We hope so!

The real estate business on the map is something that can really make your brand shine.

You are just one step away from revolutionizing your brand, gaining more visibility, and attracting more investors. Create YouMap, map your listings in a minute, and improve your real estate marketing.

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