In its recently released preliminary report, the Pentagon identified that a lack of data collection is a primary obstacle to understanding the nature of the phenomena of UFO. Upon doing more research, we quickly recognized that there was a dearth of new products tailored to meet this evolving need. Many of the reporting options that do exist are built using older technologies and are not mobile-friendly. Even an hour’s delay can diminish the freshness and details of a UFO sighting. So we set to work to bring our unique real-time mobile mapping technologies to bear on this data problem. The UFO sightings world map on YouMap is meant for instant UFO reporting on the scene as they happen.

Features of YouMap’s UFO sightings map

We are proud to introduce our new UFO reporting tool. YouMap’s UFO reporting map is a new tool to submit UFO sightings in real-time at the exact moments they happen. Our map allows for hyper-quick reporting, standardizing sighting report data, and studying UFO phenomena around the globe.

We believe our tool can provide a better way to track and report UFOs. Our global UFO Map makes tracking UFOs easier than ever thanks to customized post templates and fields. Join with us as we democratize UFO reporting by putting the answers to this mysterious phenomenon in your pocket.

a lack of data collection is a primary obstacle to understanding the nature of the phenomena.

Our UFO reporting map visualizes user-generated reports in conjunction with past sightings from the United States National UFO Reporting Center. YouMap will make it easier to report UFOs at a moment’s notice right from your mobile device by minimizing typing and increasing engagement.

Alien sightings world map is live

The UFO Map is Live. Share your Sightings today!

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We are big fans of MUFON, the National UFO reporting Center, and all the unsung heroes diligently working to bring light to this important topic. We’re here to do our small part.

Join the UFO reporting community and try the UFO sightings map by downloading the YouMap app and receive regular updates on what’s happening, in the sky near you.

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