By the YouMap Editorial Board

Pentagon UFO report’s release

The team here at YouMap watched with interest as the US. Government released it’s long awaited preliminary report of UFO/UAP phenomena. Pentagon UFO report analyzed 144 events from 2004 to 2021 each originating from US government sources, many from highly qualified military pilots and 80 of which “involved observation with multiple sensors” Out of these 144, only one could be properly identified. While no claims of extraterrestrial origins were forthcoming. The other 144 remain a mystery “pending scientific advances that allowed us to better understand them”.

No longer the domain of tin foil hats, the stigma around the topic was identified as a prime obstacle to their data collection efforts. We believe that this report should be a wakeup call for journalist, scientist and academics the world over. The potential stakes for our society and world for not taking action are just too high.

pentagon ufo report

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Most interesting to us ? The UFO report contained a call to action stating that additional research and development from public and private enterprise was required to fretted understand the phenomena. We at YouMap have decided to take up this challenge. We feel the time is right to build a global community dedicated to paranormal exploration. We believe it’s the areas of study that science actively ignores, are where the next great discoveries can be found. Something is out there, and with your help together with the entire YouMap community is working together to find out what that “something” is. We have developed a real time UFO map for submitting and tracking UFO reports. To join YouMap’s UFO community simply download the YouMap app here and follow our UFO reporting community. Find out more about our ufo community by checking out our recently spotlighted UFO reporting community and see new UFO reports as they happen live.