YouMap is an excellent app that can be used to promote a blog and expand your reach as an influencer. But do you know how exactly you can use it? How to boost traffic to your blog with YouMap? If not, read this article – we explain all the possibilities here!

How to Increase Traffic on Your Blog with YouMap?

Our social mapping app is versatile – it can be used for many purposes, and the limit is your creativity. So, how exactly can you boost your blog with it? Let’s take a look at the options!

  • Interactive travel guides – If you are a travel blogger, your followers will want to know all the ins and outs of your journeys. But covering them purely on your blog might not be enough. With YouMap, you can go further with your reports and showcase your travel experiences, photos, and recommendations in the form of maps. This way, your followers will be able to immerse themselves in your journeys and have a detailed guide with all the information they need if they decide to follow your steps.
  • Event coverage – Pinpoint the locations of the events, provide directions, highlight the key points of interest, and recap your memories from events with YouMap. This way, you’ll keep your followers informed and engaged, making navigating through similar events easier.
  • Local recommendations – Creating maps of your favorite spots in different destinations is also an excellent way to drive attention and traffic to your blog. You can mark the best restaurants, cafes, or even nightclubs to make navigating an area easier for your followers. Plus, you can encourage your community to create their own, local maps and incorporate them into your travel plans, showing your followers that you’re close to them and that their opinions truly matter.
  • Collaborative maps – And, since we’re on the topic of community engagement strategies, you may create collaborative maps, which you will create together with your followers. They will be happy with the opportunity to contribute to your content, while you’ll get lots of new ideas on where to go and what to visit. Additionally, you’ll build your reputation as a person close to your audience.
  • Visual storytelling – Why don’t you opt for telling stories with maps? It’s the perfect way to create a multi-dimensional record of your travels, placing a narrative in real space and enhancing it with visuals – photos and videos.
  • Behind-the-scenes tours – You can also use YouMap to show more than your influencer work, like your favorite workspaces, hubs, studios, or parks. This will bring your audience closer to you and attract more traffic to your blog since you’ll show that apart from being an influencer, you are also a regular person.
  • Product reviews – If you’re running a product-oriented blog, you can also leverage YouMap for your best benefits. Create a map including the places where you tested particular products, add photos, behind-the-scenes info, and links to the products with them, and create unique reviews. Your followers will love it.

Boost your blog

The Takeaway

Now you know how to boost traffic to your blog with YouMap. Remember, these are just a few options – the more creative you get, the more possibilities you will come up with. Combining texts, imagery, and mapping to create a multi-dimensional experience is the door to higher traffic and user engagement, and YouMap is the key to opening it.

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