Your business is running, and you managed to build a community around it. However, you can see that not many of its members are actively engaged. Thankfully, you can change this by implementing some strategies which will boost the engagement in your community. If you don’t know these tactics don’t worry – you will learn all about them from this article!

6 strategies which will increase your community engagement – descriptions and examples

An active, engaged community creates interaction, and interaction lets you improve your content. That’s why it is so important to keep a high level of community engagement. If you want to effectively engage your community, you can use the following strategies:

  • Give people space for interaction – if you want your community to be active you need to give them space, a place where they can interact with each other, rather than with you as a brand. You can make a room for your followers by creating a forum, or using social media such as Facebook, Instagram or YouMap.
  • Be responsive – While you want your community to have a space of their own, don’t forget about answering their questions. One of the best strategies to increase community engagement is to respond to direct queries and some comments of your followers. If these responses are natural, they can spark a discussion that will engage more and more users. This way you can get more people to speak their mind.
  • Use photos, graphics, memes – Visual elements always attract attention. And if they are humorous and accurate at the same time, they can increase community engagement enormously. Good visuals are almost as important as good content – so don’t forget your images.
  • Create interesting content that people will discuss – If you want your followers to get more active you need to stimulate them with good content. Adding articles or posts that encourage further discussion is a great strategy to increase your community’s engagement. Just don’t make it too controversial – you don’t want your community to split into two opposing sides.

Community engagement strategies

  • Share community stories – You see an interesting comment from a member of your community? Ask them to elaborate! Maybe they will tell you their story and let you share it with the whole community – this way you will create a real, relatable experience for all the members, which will encourage them to participate more and maybe tell their own stories.
  • Prepare contestsUser engaging contests, such as these requiring writing a short story, making a selfie, competing in a simple game, are among the top of the strategies used for engaging communities by larger companies. Everybody likes winning something, especially if the competition involves doing something relatively simple. Yet, participating in such a contest is also making the first step towards being an active community member – that’s why this strategy is so effective.

To sum up

There are many effective strategies to increase your community’s engagement. Using these tactics will help you achieve an active community – something that you should strive for.

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