Have you ever considered writing a blog, but you haven’t got onto it because you didn’t know how to start? Or maybe you did start a blog, but it wasn’t successful? In both cases, we are not surprised since blogging might be difficult, especially for novice bloggers. This is why in this article we present 5 tips for new bloggers that will help you write a successful blog. Read on to learn more!

Our 5 blogging tips for new bloggers

Writing a blog is much more complicated than it seems at first glance. You need to know what to pay attention to if you want your blog to have many views. But don’t worry, if you have no idea what you should start with – our list of tips for bloggers will help you kick off your Instagram or Pinterest blog in no-time!

  • Consider your goals – Before you choose the topic of your blog, think about your aims. Are you writing to share your passion? Or maybe you’re trying to promote your business? Either way, you need to set your objectives and write accordingly. Creating a plan might be a good idea – you can set what you want to write about, when you want to post it and what you want to achieve after certain periods of time.
  • Choose a broad topic – When choosing what to write about, it is best to choose a broad topic that can be explored. The subject of your blog needs to attract readers, but you also have to be able to expand it – otherwise, at some point you will struggle coming up with new content.
  • Make full use of the features on your platform – This might sound ambiguous because it depends on where you write. This tip for Instagram bloggers, for instance, means that they should not limit themselves to writing posts, but also utilize features such as Instagram bio. For Pinterest users, on the other hand, it means optimizing pins – depending on the platform, there will be many additional features, some of them small, that you should try to use – they are there for a reason and using them might increase your views visibly.

tips for bloggers

  • Introduce SEO techniques – Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the number of views by employing techniques that make your website appear higher on the list of results in search engines. Utilizing SEO increases the long-term number of viewers. Thus, it is a must-have for any developing blog.
    A tip for Pinterest bloggers: Pinterest has its own search engine and the algorithms there are less sophisticated than on Google, so it is easier to find keywords. Type your phrase into the search window and look at the suggestions – these will be the keywords that will help you increase the number of your viewers.
  • Engage your community – Thinking about community engagement strategies is important even at the beginning of your blogging adventure. If your followers will be encouraged to take active part, for instance by commenting, they will be more willing to read your content. Substantive discussions in the comment section might even attract users who have not seen the blog post before – after all, people love to express their opinion on the internet.

The takeaway

Writing and promoting your blog might be a bit complicated. However, it should be much easier after reading our tips for new bloggers. After all, now you know that you need to set your aims, choose a broad topic, introduce SEO techniques and engage your community. Use this knowledge to create a successful blog with thousands of viewers. Good luck!

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