Attention beach lovers, adventure seekers, and sun worshipers! As the sun begins its descent, casting a golden hue on the horizon, so does the summer. Children are being prepared to get back to school, businesses re-accelerate and tourist slowly vanish from the major vacation destinations. But, this is not going to stop you from cherishing August to the fullest, is it? We know that, so here is our list of the best things to do in the last month of summer. Enjoy!

What to do during the last month of summer?

You don’t want to miss out on any summer activities, so don’t let the last opportunity slip away. What to do during the last month of summer, you may ask? Here are some options:

  • Go abroad! Read our guide on how to plan a summer vacation and don’t hesitate to go abroad! There will be significantly fewer tourists in August, making your destination much more pleasurable. Plus, some places have just unbearable temperatures during the peak season, so this is the perfect moment to see them.
  • Make a pool in your backyard! If you have kids, get an inflatable pool and set it up in your backyard. It’s simple for you and fun for your little ones, so why don’t you give it a try?
  • Go on a picnic! You want to enjoy the summer weather while it is still here, don’t you? So, grab a few blankets, prepare some food, and head for a park, forest, or meadow! A picnic with friends or family will be a source of wonderful memories. Plus, preparing an amazing picnic does not require much effort – you can do it almost ad hoc! Last month of summer
  • Visit a local fair! Download YouMap, find a map of summer activities near you, and see what fairs are around. It’s unique – you don’t go to a fair often – it’s great to do with friends, it’s fun – so, don’t hesitate!
  • Take a swim in a swimming hole! Pools are fun, sure, but there is nothing special about them. Swimming holes, on the other hand, is a completely different story. Check the maps and local guides for the most amazing, natural swimming holes, jump into your car, and get there – an amazing experience awaits you!
  • Go stargazing! One of the most marvelous things to do in the last month of summer is going stargazing. The sky at night is clear, so you can fully enjoy the amazing Capricorn constellation or the Big Dipper. Just remember, if you live in a major agglomeration, you might need to get outside the city first!
  • Visit a botanical garden! The last month of summer is an excellent moment to admire nature, so a botanical garden has to make it on your bucket list. Beautiful trees, bushes, and flowers from all over the world at their peak – doesn’t it sound lovely?
  • Grab your friends and go on a road trip! How to plan a road trip? It’s simple – you select the route, the stops, and go! For the last months of summer, you should include places such as ponds, beaches, woods, waterfalls, or country festivals. You’re bound to have fun!
  • Go camping! It’s still not raining, it isn’t boiling either – that’s the last month of summer for you. August is the perfect time to grab your tent and go camping. Are you afraid of doing it in the woods? Don’t worry – you’ve got various campsites with beautiful views around them to choose from!

The takeaway

So, have you set your mind on some of our things to do in the last summer month? We know all of them are so wonderful that it’s difficult to make a choice. Don’t worry, though – you have a whole month, so you can try a couple of them!

Did you like this article? Are you planning an exciting August? Read our article on how to tell stories with maps, and record all the things that you did to celebrate the end of the summer!