Summer vacations are the time to relax, blow off steam and recharge your batteries. Thus, it is crucial to plan them perfectly. But, how to plan a summer vacation, and what is the best way to do that? You will learn it by reading this article. Enjoy!

How to start planning a summer vacation? – the initial steps

You should begin your planning with selecting the right locations. There are many summer vacation destinations in Europe and the US which are worth considering. Think about what you want to do – do you prefer sightseeing or sunbathing and swimming? While choosing a location might seem obvious, making the right decision is crucial when it comes to planning a satisfying summer vacation, so you should think it through carefully.

After selecting your destination, you should look for attractions that you want to add to your itinerary. The best way to do that is by looking at the maps in YouMap. There, you will find maps created by users with their personal opinions and reviews of each attraction, unlike the traditional searches where you are bound to stumble upon advertisements and skillfully prepared marketing materials.

How to plan a summer vacation when you know what you want to see

After selecting the destination and the attractions that you want to visit, it is time to choose a hotel and transportation. Avoid using mainstream websites – they will often come with overpriced offers. It is a good idea to book flights and accommodation in advance – it might help you save on money and will give you a wider selection of free quarters.

Having chosen all of the above, it is time to prepare a vacation schedule. Even if you embrace the principle of slow travel, creating a loose itinerary will help you enjoy your time to the fullest. Plan what you want to visit each day, how you want to get to every destination, and where you want to eat. You might create a tight schedule or a loose one, depending on what you prefer, yet it is quite important to have all your plans written down.

how to plan a vacation

What is the best way to plan your summer vacation?

Now you know how to plan summer vacations, but where to look for attractions and create schedules? Our answer is: YouMap, a social mapping app.

YouMap enables you to search through user-generated maps and find the best tourist attractions in your destination. Find fellow travelers who have visited the city you are traveling to, check where they were and add the places that you like the most to your itinerary – which you can also create in YouMap.

Apart from planning your journey, our application will also work great as a way to record your memories. Create your own map, mark the places that you visit and add photos from each location – you will create a permanent, personal souvenir from your summer vacation. What is more, you can share your map with other users to give them some insight about the destination and help others who also wonder how to plan the best summer vacation!

The takeaway

How to plan your summer vacation? Firstly, choose the destination; secondly, select attractions; thirdly, pick a hotel; finally, prepare a schedule. The best way to do that is by using YouMap – a social mapping app designed for sharing reviews, memories, plans and planning trips and events!

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