What are the best countries for thrill-seekers to visit? What activities can you try out in each of these destinations? We recommend New Zealand, which offers a plethora of activities, from bungee jumping to white-water rafting; Nepal, with the possibility to climb Mount Everest or even…skydive over it; you may also go to Nicaragua and ride a board down the volcano slope; finally, you can seek thrill by embarking on a gorilla trek or safari in East African countries like Uganda. Do you want to learn more? Then we invite you to read this article!

The Best Countries for Thrill-Seekers

So, let’s take a look at our list of top destinations for adventure enthusiasts and see what they have to offer.

New Zealand

The island country is among the top places for thrill-seekers because it offers a lot of various, adrenaline-boosting activities. You can, for instance, go:

  • ziplining,
  • canyoning,
  • heli-skiing,
  • zorbing,
  • bungee jumping,
  • off-road driving,
  • caving,
  • white water rafting,
  • jet boating,
  • skydiving,
  • rappelling,
  • glacier hiking,
  • climbing.

This makes New Zealand one of the best countries to visit if you’re all about adventures and want to participate in at least a few exciting activities during one trip. You might want to visit for a bit longer, though – you won’t have time to try them all out in just a day or two!


If you’re an experienced climber, you’ll definitely want to visit Nepal and climb the fierce Mount Everest. But that’s not all that this country can offer to thrill-seekers. What else can you do in this country? For instance, go:

  • rafting,
  • zip flying,
  • honey hunting,
  • mountain biking,
  • ultralight flying,
  • skydiving,
  • rock climbing,
  • paragliding.

Rafting deserves special mention, as Nepal has 8 of the 14 highest peaks in the world, which makes this activity especially exciting. Additionally, honey hunting is something that you have to experience as an adventure lover – it’s a unique experience of harvesting honey from wild bee colonies like our ancient ancestors did!

 top countries for thrill seekers


Nicaragua is among the top destinations for thrill-seekers mainly due to one particular activity: volcano boarding. It’s an exciting experience like no other, so you ought to visit the country and try it out! After doing that, you can also go:

  • on a night volcano trip,
  • surfing,
  • scuba diving or snorkeling,
  • hiking (yes, on volcanoes!).

So, while Nicaragua might offer fewer attractions for adventure enthusiasts, all of them are unique, which makes this destination a must-visit for thrill-seekers on their travel bucket list.


Suppose you understand thrill-seeking more as an opportunity to see and come close to wild animals, go boating, or zip lining through the jungle. In that case, one of the best countries to visit for you is Uganda (or any of the safe East African countries). You can experience all of that there, tour numerous national parks, or even go gorilla trekking. If you have never been to Africa, we definitely recommend your first visit includes a safari and some adventurous activities in the jungle itself!

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The Takeaway

New Zealand, Nepal, Nicaragua and Uganda – these are our topic destinations to visit for thrill-seekers. If you want to find more exciting countries for adventure enthusiasts, be sure to check out YouMap – you might find public maps made by fellow thrill seekers there and get even more travel inspirations!

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