How to plan a couple’s adventure? With maps, of course! YouMap allows you not only to pinpoint the locations you want to visit but also to add notes and photos so that you can record your journeys and relive them anytime you want. How does it work? Read this article to find out!

How to Plan a Couple’s Adventure

Planning a trip requires you to map out all the locations, schedule your time (and leave a buffer – you don’t want to feel the need to rush from one place to another!), and manage transportation. This is why it’s best to do it via a map – perfectly one that lets you add all the information you need.

YouMap provides you with all of the above, letting you prepare your whole itinerary in one place, share it with your partner, and access it from anywhere, since it will be on your phone. So, let’s discuss how to plan and map a couple’s adventure with our app!

Create a Map

First things first – you need to begin by creating your map. Remember to modify the privacy settings so that your partner can access it and add their own suggestions and modifications.

After you do so, consider what information you need next to each location. Do you prefer a bullet point list with the time, estimated costs, and means of transport for that particular stop on your couple’s adventure? Or perhaps you would like to add some extra info about every destination, like what to see/eat/do there in particular?

List Out the Locations

With everything above in mind, it’s time to choose the particular locations on your itinerary. Couple’s adventure mapping might take some time, so give yourself and your partner a week or two to add all the places you want to visit.

Fill in All the Details

With your couple’s adventure locations planned out, you just need to transform the map into a true schedule. Research the means of transportation that you will use, and consider how much time you will spend in each location – simply fill in the details that you decided to include in the first step.

By doing so, you won’t just get a schedule – you’ll have a true roadmap that will help you estimate the budget you need and navigate through the destination quickly.

couples adventure

Creating a Couple’s Adventure Journal

You don’t need a couple’s adventure book to record your journey. Instead, you can tell your story with maps!

In this case, it’s really simple. When marking locations on your map, just add extra journal space where you will describe your adventures. With YouMap, you can create map templates that can include all the details about your couple journey that you would like to remember for each special location. Additionally, you can also post some photos to add to your account and make your journal complete.

What’s even better is that YouMap allows you to embed your maps and share them with other people. This means that you can send your map journal to your family and friends after your wonderful couple’s adventure and show them what a marvelous time you had!

The Takeaway

Knowing how to plan a couple’s adventure with maps, you’re ready to prepare the most complete, best-ever itinerary for your romantic getaway. Remember to leave some extra time between activities. After all, a trip with your loved one is all about intimacy and being romantic, and rushing from one place to another isn’t exactly that, is it?

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