How can we automate our business and shorten the working time spent on monotonous activities? There are many incredible online marketing tools for small business to help you achieve this goal.

Among them, we pointed out nine, best marketing tools for small business that you should try!

#1 YouMap

YouMap is an application in the form of a pre-configured map, which not only allows you to track the time of the route, search for places or choose the suitable transport for your trip. The application will be great as a marketing tool to promote your business. 

best marketing tools for small business

Why? YouMap is a relatively new application, which gives you an advantage over the competition in your industry. In the application, you can include all the necessary information for the client or candidates, including photos or videos promoting your business.

We can also characterize it by good communication – commenting, and continuous interaction with other users.

But, don’t wait, put your business on the map and thus increase your popularity among local people. YouMap is a highly personalized application that allows you to search for content related to your interests or things that can support your business. All this makes YouMap a useful marketing tool for small business.

YouMap’s flexible content blocks allow you to add your content to your map, your way.  Add your YouTube videos, web site links, schedule schedule events and more. 

We make it easy to build maps for any industry. See more about how YouMap can help : 

YouMaps flexible content structure means whatever your industry, we can help you put content on the map, your way ! 

#2 Kontentino

Kontentino is a social media management tool, thanks to which we can improve communication and the organization of our work.

online marketing tools for small business

We can list features such as:

  • Content creator – which supports almost all social media platforms
  • Interactive social media calendar with drag and drop functionality
  • Features that streamline collaboration between the team members
  • Simple approval process
  • Ads planning – and having all the ads in one place

This is one of marketing tools for small business that allows you to accelerate and improve the quality of the cooperation and work, thanks to being equipped with a large package of functions for social media management. Using Kontentino for planning and analysis will relieve you of unnecessary stress regarding a well-planned and precise work organization.

It is excellent for professionals related to social media who want to shorten the time of the tasks performed and improve their quality. Worth checking out!

#3 CloudTalk

Cloud Talk is an intelligent call center software. It is recommended for sales teams and customer service. Its telephone system is in the cloud, allowing access to it from anywhere in the world. 

advertising platforms for small businesses

You can also use CloudTalk from mobile devices and integrate it with business tools that you are already using. The critical functions of the tool are:

  • Intelligent call routing – which enables you to route the call to the particular agent based on caller requirements 
  • IVR (interactive voice response) – a menu to guide the caller through different options
  • Advanced statistics and monitoring – to improve the quality of your customer service

As a result of monitoring connections, your team’s work will be more efficient, and errors arising during a conversation can be eliminated, thereby benefiting your business more substantially. What could be better for promoting your business than a customer who feels satisfied with customer service?

#4 Mediatoolkit

It is a social media monitoring tool, but not only. Equipped with many other functions, it will help you meet other marketing goals. So, what are the key functions of Mediatoolkit?

best marketing tools for small business

Mediatoolkit allows for automatic real-time alerts and notifications to always be up-to-date. In addition, it enables 24/7 monitoring of millions of sources, regardless of their language or type. It also analyzes the competition and tracks influencers, which can be helpful when you collaborate.

This tool also allows for faster reactions in times of crisis, better getting to know brand ambassadors, or building the image of your company together with Influencer. In addition, reports created by the tool can be personalized with over 2,000 options, adapting to your company’s needs.

#5 RocketLink

Do you need a tool that allows you to reach a larger group of people interested in purchasing your products? RocketLink is a link shortening and retargeting tool. Shortened links reach your recipients and redirect them to the advertised product or service page. 

advertising platforms for small businesses Rocket Link

The tool allows you to customize the preview thumbnail of social media or build custom recipients based on user clicks. In addition, cross-platform retargeting will help engage your target audience.

Finally, RocketLink includes monitoring functions statistics that enable you to quickly conclude what to change to make the business climb to a higher level.

#6 LiveWebinar

In 2020, people were forced to interact more with customers using the virtual space we create on the Internet. LiveWebinar is a tool for creating webinars – video conferences or online meetings. So what can LiveWebinar give you?

free marketing tools for small business live webinar

Above all, it offers internal tools to help increase engagement and collaboration.

It comes with customizable branding and breakout rooms. The webinar itself has more significant interaction and commitment between the representative and the audience. It can be a great way to build your image and brand awareness.

What we like most – the webinar is accessible from any browser and device, so your attendees can participate from wherever they are.

#7 Calendesk

Have you ever thought about accepting reservations, making payments, generating landing pages, and serving your customers simultaneously?

Well, with Calendesk, it is possible. You can configure the tool with the programs you use, such as Zoom, Google Calendar, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and many others.

marketing tools for small business

What are the critical features of Calendesk?

  • Automatic booking acceptance 24/7
  • Sending automated SMS and emails to your clients
  • Possibility of various types of payments (invoice, subscription)
  • Adapting your platform to business needs
  • Creating a mobile application with Calendesk, allowing customers to use your online services

#8 Luigi’s Box

Luigi’s Box is an intelligent search tool. This tool has a search and recommendations feature based on artificial intelligence that learns how your customers behave.

best marketing tools for small business

It shortens shopping time and improves the customer’s attitude to a given brand. It has personalized the so-called “Boxes” of recommended products on the home page or in the basket of products. 

Furthermore, Luigi’s Box allows you to analyze quickly, monitor any “missing results”, and track the most popular search terms list, which may be vital in choosing the following products on the site.

#9 YouEngage

Youengage is an ideal tool for people who value maximum creativity. The tool allows you to interact with your audience in real-time during the live event option. There is also an option to enrich speech with quizzes and surveys during such events, which will define what your clients expect from you and whether your perspective is similar. 

online marketing tools for small business

Youengage will help you increase traffic to your website by enriching its content with interactive tools. It also allows you to automatically upload leads and data from your interactive content to your marketing platforms.

Consequently, use the opinions of potential customers to develop your business and maintain a proper communication process for their further journey with you.

To Sum Up

However, social media is sometimes challenging to keep up with. The amount of information that flows through any application, platform or website is enormous. That is why automation is so important, even in small businesses. Using best marketing tools for small business that we mentioned saves much time, allows you to organize larger and analyze your work. 

Take time to familiarize yourself with the tools, as it is very likely that one of them would improve the quality of your work and give you more time for a well-deserved rest.

Each of them is unique, with different functions to help you make decisions. Choose a tool that will bring you one step closer to your success.