Is your favorite pastime reading? Are you among those who realize that literature is more than Shakespeare, Hemingway or Agatha Christie? Then your bellowed holiday is about to come – the National Book Lovers Day. Want to learn everything about it? Then keep reading – after all, that’s what you love!

When is National Book Lovers Day 2023? Everything you need to know about this holiday!

It is not known where this unofficial holiday has its roots. Yet, there is one certain thing about it – it’s an extremely important day in an era where smartphones dominate our lives.

The 2023 National Book Lovers day will take place on Wednesday, 9th of August. It is held on this date every year. Unlike the National Dog Month, it yet remains to be established as an official holiday. Yet, it does not stop bibliophiles from around the world from celebrating it in the best possible way – by gathering together, discussing their favorite novels or reading books.

Book Lovers Day

How to celebrate the National Book Lovers Day 2023?

There is a plethora of ways in which you can celebrate the National Book Lovers day. Some of them might require planning, other you can do ad hoc. If you don’t have any particular plans in mind, check our ideas below – you will surely love them.

1. Join a book club or host your own

Book clubs are the gateway for fellow bibliophiles to gather together and engage into in-depth discussions about their favorite novels, thrillers or romances. Though you might associate them mainly with wine and cheese, there is much more to them, and the 2023 National Book Lovers Day is an ideal occasion to try them yourself. Ask around in your community, talk with some librarians, or look at the local maps in YouMap – just do your best to find a book club near you and enjoy the holiday.

2. Support a local bookstore

There is no better way to celebrate the National Book Lovers Day, then by making a difference in the book world. If you want to do something simple and on your own – go to a local bookstore, grab 2 or 3 books and just buy them. You might find some wonderful pieces of literature there, and you will help these local businesses operate and provide you with your favorite hardcovers for longer.

3. Check out the local library

Usually, libraries do celebrate the National Book Lovers Day. They often have some events planned in advance. Check the websites of the libraries near you and see what they offer in 2023 – maybe there is a thrilling, book-related event that you had no idea about?

4. Get back to an old favorite

We all have a favorite, all-time winner when it comes to books, no matter whether we admit it or not. The National Book Lovers Day is a great occasion to open our treasured novels once again and indulge in the amazing world shaped by our beloved authors’ creativity.

5. Follow the steps of your favorite author

Do you have a one, precious writer whose books give you literal chills? If you do, you might opt for following their steps. See the places that they have visited, go to a museum dedicated to them, try sightseeing their former home – there are a lot of options. Record your journey and tell your story with maps by using YouMap.

The takeaway

The National Book Lovers Day 2023 will be held on the 9th of August. It is an unofficial holiday dedicated to all the people who simply love reading. You may celebrate it by joining a book club, supporting your local book store, or even following the steps of your favorite author. The choice depends purely on you.

We’ve got one extra celebration for you – star your own blog! Writing about books for other bibliophiles, wouldn’t that be wonderful? You don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry – check our 5 useful tips for bloggers!