August is coming, and along with it the 2023 National Dog Month! Are you happy to celebrate this holiday with your cute, furry friend? We know you are! But, do you know where to look for National Dog Month celebrations, and how to find dog-friendly places near you? If not, don’t worry – we cover it here! So, keep reading and find out how you can make your dog happy on their holiday!

When is the National Dog Month, 2023?

Like every year, the National Dog Month in 2023 will be in August. However, it is important to mention here that this date applies only to the US – other countries might not have this holiday, or have it on different dates. Thus, if you are planning to go on vacation abroad in August, you might not find National Dog Month celebrations in your destination.

How is the National Dog Month celebrated?

There are numerous ways to celebrate the National Dog Month – it purely depends on your creativity and the events available in your area. The celebrations often include:

  • Marches or parades – Hundreds of dog owners parading with their furry friends through the streets of major cities. You absolutely need to participate in this kind of event if one is organized near you.
  • Volunteering opportunities – Similarly to the 2023 Earth Day, you can find ways to celebrate the National Dog Month and make a positive impact at the same time. Many rescues organize such volunteering events in August; some focus on collecting food for the dogs, others on helping take care of them. It is also quite common to stumble across actions dedicated to finding rescue dogs a new home – so you’ve got a wide range of choices!
  • Getting your dog a new treat or toyIf you prefer to celebrate on your own and simply make your tail-wagging friend more happy, you can opt for getting them an extra treat or a wonderful toy. While this might seem insignificant when compared to the other National Dog Month celebrations, it is actually wonderful, since it makes your dog’s life better!

National Dog Month

Where to look for National Dog Month celebrations and how to create the best memories?

If you don’t know where to look for exciting National Dog Month events, you should try our social mapping app – YouMap! You can find numerous user-generated maps in there, with tons of them related to dogs and dog-friendly places. And, you can also create your own map to record all the precious memories with your furry friends. Do you want to see how it works? Here’s a map by one of our users: Dog memories map.

Even if you don’t want to attend any events on the maps you found, you should give them a try anyway. After all, with these maps you will be able to find dog-friendly restaurants and cafés – maybe the staff there will know even more celebrations in your area? You might also try contacting the rescues or dog accessory stores – they might give you some useful intel!

What if I don’t have a dog?

Don’t worry if you can’t or don’t have a dog – you can still celebrate the National Dog Month! Try volunteering and if that’s not for you, take a look at the dog sightings map. You can admire the cutest, fluffy tail-waggers in it and maybe even go on a walk to places where they have been spotted. After all, August is all about dogs, so even watching them might be a wonderful celebration!

The takeaway

So, what are your plans for the 2023 National Dog Month? Are you opting for a parade, or maybe you’re planning to volunteer? All the options are great, so get ready to enjoy this beautiful holiday with your four-legged friends!

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