What are the best LGBTQ+ friendly travel destinations? In Europe, we recommend Iceland and Brighton, UK. Barcelona will also be a viable option if you prefer a slightly warmer climate. In the US, you should absolutely visit San Francisco, CA, and Fire Island, NY. Why these particular destinations? Find it out below!

Safe Travel Destinations for LGBTQ+ in Europe

Let’s start with the best LGBTQ+ travel destinations in Europe. Which cities and countries should you visit during your summer vacation?


This small country might not offer you the warmest climate, but it will truly charm you with breathtaking landscapes and an extraordinarily open culture. It’s also considered one of the most LGBTQ+ friendly countries in the world, which makes it a perfect place to visit.

What to see in Iceland?

    • A large LGBTQ+ community mostly gathered in the capital city of Reykjavik.
    • Beautiful landscapes – we recommend booking a car and going on a road trip.
  • Amazing glaciers.

Brighton, UK

Brighton is probably the most LGBTQ+ friendly destination in the UK, if not in Europe. It has a large community, a lot of pubs and clubs just for it, and the city even offers LGBTQ+ tours – it’s definitely a place worth putting on your bucket list.

What to see in Brighton?

  • Go on a night out to Ironworks Studios.
  • Explore the rocky beaches.
  • Wander on the Undercliff Walk.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a popular tourist destination in general, but the fact that it’s LGBTQ+ friendly makes it even better. This captivating city will be perfect for anyone who wants to spend their vacation sunbathing, swimming, but also sightseeing in the evenings.

What to see in Barcelona?

  • La Sagrada Família.
  • The Picasso Museum.
  • The beaches.

LGBTQ+ travel destinations

Best LGBTQ+ Friendly Travel Destinations in the US

What about the LGBTQ+ friendly travel destinations in the US? Here, we mainly recommend two locations.

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco has a lengthy and rocky LGBTQ+ history, but nowadays, it’s one of the friendliest places in the US for sexual minorities. Thus, if you’re planning a US vacation, San Francisco is definitely a place worth considering.

What to see in San Francisco?

  • Watch a drag show at Oasis – it’s totally worth it!
  • Visit a gay beach.
  • Don’t miss the Golden Gate Bridge!

Fire Island, NY

Do you want your vacation to be more like a party? Then you have to visit Fire Island! This LGBTQ+ friendly destination is just a 20 minutes ferry ride from Long Island and attracts queer men and women all year long.

What to do on Fire Island?

  • Get there on July 4 and watch as drag queens “invade” The Pines.
  • Go on a wild party – it can be a beach one!
  • Take part in competitions and tournaments.

Where to Look for More LGBTQ+ Travel Destinations?

If you have already visited all the destinations on our list and are seeking new adventures, download our social mapping app, YouMap. In it, you’ll find tons of maps created by other users, including some of the best destinations for LGBTQ+ people. What’s more, our mapping app is like a social network – you can exchange your opinions about each destination in the comments and even share your fabulous photos!

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The Takeaway

No matter what destination you plan to visit, if you want to spend a LGBTQ+ friendly and safe vacation, be sure to learn about the local customs and what is considered appropriate. Additionally, if you’re traveling to more exotic countries, check the law first – as sad as it is, there are still some countries where homosexuality is illegal, so it’s best to avoid them.

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