Barcelona is among the best vacation destinations in Europe for a reason. This city has everything – beautiful historical monuments, tremendous beaches and a flourishing nightlife. There are so many things to do in Barcelona that it is hard to decide what to see. But we come with help – here is our list of the best places to see in Barcelona.

The best things to do and the best places to see in Barcelona – our list

What to see in Barcelona? Our list will help you find the best things to do in the Catalan capital!

La Sagrada Família

This temple is a must-see for any visitors to Barcelona. Its walls date to date back to the 19th century, and its magnificence will make you stop and gaze in awe. After all, this is the largest unfinished Catholic church in the world, and it has been put on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list for a reason. It also stuns with its beauty inside – the sculptures were created with such attention to detail and complexity that you simply cannot miss this place while going to Barcelona.

Park Güell

Antoni Gaudí’s Park Güell is a wonderful mix of history, architecture, art and landscapes. Thus, everybody will find something entertaining in this location. Colorful tiles, sculptures, flourishing gardens and a breathtaking view on the whole city from the park’s highest points – these are all the reasons why you should definitely visit Park Güell.

best things to do in barcelona

La Rambla

Wandering the most known street in Barcelona, La Lambra, is among the best things to do in this city. Numerous restaurants with local and foreign cuisine, traditional markets, the Joan Miró mosaic – you have plenty of reasons why to go there. You will end up on La Rambla anyway, but dedicating an hour or two purely to spending time there, strolling through the stalls and admiring the Spanish lifestyle, will pay off in long-lasting memories.

The Picasso Museum

Almost every person in the world heard about Pablo Picasso, and many art lovers admire him. If you are among these people, you should definitely see the Picasso Museum, which displays his early works. The museum also has temporary exhibitions, thus it might be worth going there even if it’s not going to be your first time.

The beaches

Barcelona has over 4 km of coastline, with numerous wonderful beaches to lay down. After a tiring day of sightseeing, you might wish to cool down a bit and take a refreshing swim, and there are a plethora of places to do that. There are also fields for beach volleyball and places for water sports, so you surely won’t get bored – make sure to reserve some time for the coastline while planning your trip to Barcelona.

Where to look for other places to see in Barcelona

If you want to find even more of the best things to do in Barcelona, you should opt for social media. Try using Facebook or Instagram to reach out to fellow travelers, or some kind locals, and ask them about their tips. You might also use special social mapping apps.

YouMap is one of these applications dedicated purely to mapping and social interaction based on it. Our app allows you to create your own maps, see maps of other users, leave reviews, comments and descriptions, and record your journeys. The last option might be especially useful – checking where other visitors to Barcelona went might give you quite a few inspirations. For instance, here is a Barcelona trip map created by one of our users – take a look at it and see what intriguing locations this user went to.

As you can see, the map shows more than just tourist attractions. Restaurants and cafés are also included with the photos of delicious meals ordered by the map’s creator. Thus, even if you know what you want to see in Barcelona, it might still be good to check such maps – you can always find a place for lunch or dinner there.

The takeaway

Our list consists only of a few of the best things to do in Barcelona – it would be impossible to write down all the wonderful attractions awaiting the visitors to this magnificent city. Yet, with our tips and by using social mapping, you will be able to prioritize, and plan an unforgettable trip!

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