All people deserve respect and acceptance no matter their ethnicity, gender or sexuality. However, it is not always so. Often, minorities need to find safe spaces, and different countries treat them better or worse. In this article, we will focus on the third group and try to answer which countries in the world are most LGBT-friendly. Do you wish to find out? Then we invite you to read!

The ranking of the most LGBT-friendly countries in the world

Our ranking of the most LGBT-friendly countries is based on several factors: we considered both legal and social aspects. So, which are the best LGBT-friendly countries?

1. Canada

The winner of our ranking is Canada. The country is known for its inclusive legislation, but its real strength is the society. Canadians are among one of the most accepting people in the world, with the vast majority declaring that homosexuality should be accepted by society. Moreover, they are extremely friendly to visitors, which makes Canada an ideal destination for LGBT travelers.

2. Malta

Many people would declare Malta as the best LGBT-friendly country in the world – it has even beaten Canada in several researches. Yet, we have chosen it as our #2 due to one minor issue – the locals might sometimes be hostile towards LGBT travelers, so although the laws are much more inclusive than in Canada (especially for transgender people), we believe that it deserves the second place.

3. Iceland

Iceland is a beautiful country worth visiting, no matter whether you travel alone or with your partner. The two most remarkable things about it are: breathtaking landscapes and open-minded, friendly people. Combine this with its inclusive laws, and you receive the perfect place to visit.

4. Spain

We don’t have to introduce Spain – the remarkable beaches, delicious cuisine, sunny weather and exceptional monuments speak for themselves. Yet, did you know that Spain is also one of the most LGBT-friendly countries? Almost 90% of the residents believe that homosexuality should be accepted, while numerous laws are introduced to ensure the equal rights for LGBT people. Thus, if you are looking for a magnificent, LGBT-friendly vacation spot, Barcelona, Mallorca or Madrid are for you.

5. Ireland

Ireland was the first country to legalize same-sex marriages through popular vote, and this speaks volumes. The Irish will welcome you with open arms, no matter your sexuality, while you’ll be admiring the wonderful Irish cliffs and sipping on the refreshing Irish beer.

lgbt friendly country

How to look for the best LGBT-friendly safe spaces in your country?

While our ranking of the most LGBT-friendly countries is great for travelers, sometimes you need to find a place in your own motherland. Feeling safe and accepted is vital, and building your local LGBT community might really boost your mood. But, how can you do that?

Our YouMap social mapping app is a great tool for LGBT communities. You can create a map in it, share it within your community, and mark safe spaces on it. Moderation functions will help you remove any unfavorable comments, and aspects such as reviews or adding detailed descriptions to the locations will help you strengthen your bond with your community and expand it. You deserve to be accepted and treated with respect, and it’s an excellent tool to mix with like-minded people.

The takeaway

There are numerous LGBT-friendly countries in the world. Canada, Malta, Iceland, Spain and Ireland are just a few of them. But don’t worry if you live in a less accepting state – with YouMap, you will be able to reach out to other members of your minority, share safe spaces or even create new ones.