With the vacations slowly coming to an end, and the school year beginning once again, it is time to light up a new spark of excitement among the kinds. After all, they might have mixed feelings right now – less free time makes them sad, while the opportunity to meet their friends again fills them with anticipation. You can kick-start the new school year with a bang and make it a memorable experience for your children. How? By organizing back-to-school events.

Back-to-School Event Ideas

All the preparations for the 2023 back to school might be exhausting, both for you and your children. Getting up early and a limited screen time are among the things that your kids would rather live without, while you might be fed up with the constant shopping. Organizing back-to-school events is an excellent way to make this experience much more pleasurable – the children get to play together while you can meet up with other parents. But, what kind of celebrations should you organize? Here are some ideas:

  • Scavenger hunt – Get the parents together, call the school, and organize a scavenger hunt. This is an excellent idea, especially for the kids who just switched schools – it will combine fun with exploring the facility, making them feel more confident when the classes start.
  • Fair – Organizing a back-to-school event in the form of a fair might be more costly, but with proper funding (try reaching out to your local community) it can bring true joy. Delicious foods, colorful balloons, inflatable castles, and typical fair games – it will be a delightful experience for both your children and you!
  • BBQ – Want to opt for something simple? Get the school’s approval and organize a BBQ in its backyard. Children will have a place to play, you will have some time to catch up with other parents, all of that with little effort – it’s a comfortable option that you deserve after all the back-to-school hassle.
  • Students vs. teachers games – How about we spice it up a little bit? Among the greatest back-to-school events are sports games, and what you can come up with are matches between the kids and their teachers. Whether it’s baseball, volleyball, soccer, or dodgeball doesn’t matter – it will be fun in any form. Just remember to pick a game that everybody can play – you don’t want any kids to feel left out.

back to school events

Don’t Want to Organize Anything? Find Back-to-School Events Near You

If the preparations for the school year were simply too much, and you don’t have the energy to organize anything else, there’s an alternative – taking your kids to the back-to-school events near you. Don’t know how to find them? We’ve got you covered:

  • Ask in your community – One of the main benefits of being involved in the local community is having first-hand knowledge of what’s going on around you. So, if you have no idea what back-to-school events are organized near you in 2023, just try asking there – if anything is taking place, you’ll quickly learn about it.
  • Call the school – Perhaps your kids’ school is supporting or sponsoring one of such celebrations? Asking won’t cost you a dime, but might get you the information you need.
  • Check the maps – Have you ever heard about social mapping apps? These are a kind of social media platforms based on mapping. Try downloading one, such as YouMap, and check whether it includes a back-to-school events map created by other users – you will see what happens and where it happens, and perhaps you might even find some opinions about the previous editions of the celebrations you want to join.

The Takeaway

So, you got a couple back to school event ideas, and you know where to find ones organized by other people. What are you waiting for? Plan your back to school and make it delightful for your kids and yourself!

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