Which hidden gems in Europe can take you to exciting off-the-beaten-path summer adventures? In Poland, we recommend Wrocław and Mazury; in Italy, Sorano; in Belgium, Bruges; in Spain, Málaga; and finally, Bristol, in England. What’s so great about them? Find out in this article!

Europe’s Hidden Gems Perfect for City Breaks and Weekend Getaways

So, what are the best hidden travel gems in Europe that you should consider when flying out on a quick weekend getaway or a city break? Here’s a list of our top 6!

Wrocław, Poland

When thinking about Poland, you usually consider Warsaw or Krakow. Both cities have a lot to offer, but they are also quite crowded since they’re the most popular tourist destinations. However, there are also some hidden gems in this country, Wrocław being one of them.

Known as the city of bridges, Wrocław is truly breathtaking. Apart from the bridges, it’s known for its beautiful parks and a magnificent market square. When visiting, you should also see the Wrocław Zoo – the oldest and largest zoo in the whole country and the third largest in the world regarding the number of species on display. However, seeing it might take an entire day, so this hidden gem works best for a weekend getaway rather than a quick city break.

Mazury, Poland

The land of lakes in Poland is also gorgeous. It has numerous sandy beaches, many historical sites (most of which are WW2-related), and a plethora of sports activities, making it a great place to visit.

Where should you go in this Europe’s hidden gem? You might visit Wolf’s Lair (PL: Wilczy Szaniec) – the main headquarters of the Germans during WWII. You can also enjoy a game of tennis in Olecko, which has one of the best-quality clay courts in Europe. Finally, you should enjoy the local delicacy kartacze – a dish similar to the Lithuanian zeppelins (though not the same!). You might want to avoid the most fancy restaurants, though. Instead, opt for smaller diners to have an authentic meal (our protip: they sell some mouthwatering ones in a tiny diner on the main square in Filipów!).

hidden gems in Europe

Sorano, Italy

The next destination on our list of Europe’s best hidden gems is Sorano – a charming village in Italy. Called ‘the Matera of Tuscany,’ this lovely cliff town attracts visitors with its stunning historic architecture. What to do there?

Sorano’s thermal baths should definitely be on your bucket list. You should also explore the historic center, which has magnificent tufa walls and mighty old trees. Finally, you can see the Sorano ghetto from 1619 or even… explore the rest of Tuscany since it’s a great point to start your travel around the region.

Málaga, Spain

Forget about your Barcelona tourist map or your Madrid itinerary. If you want to see a true European gem hidden in Spain, you ought to visit Málaga!

What to see there? All the historical monuments! The key attractions include the Bishop’s Square (ESP: plaza del Obispo) and the Church of San Agustín (ESP: la Iglesia de San Agustín), but you can really spend a whole city break just strolling around the city and admiring its beauty.

Bristol, England

Finally, Bristol is the last on our list of the best hidden gems in Europe. This city will mostly stun you with its… engineering and design features. What can you expect from this city?

You should absolutely start with the Clifton Suspension Bridge. It’s marvelous itself, but it gets even better when you add the possibility of visiting one of its underground chambers. Near the bridge, you can visit the Clifton Observatory and admire the view. Afterward, you should explore the rich Bristol street art – you can even book a special tour to see all the most important pieces. Finally, consider renting a bike – there are many great tracks around the city, though they might be a bit challenging due to the changing ground levels.

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The Takeaway

Wrocław, Mazury, Sorano, Málaga, and Bristol are all beautiful hidden gems in Europe that are worth your time. Whether you are planning a quick city break, a weekend getaway, or a more extended trip, you should consider these destinations, as they will be much less crowded while offering you as much (if not more) than the most popular tourist cities and regions!

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