What are the best places for digital nomads? We recommend Medellin, Colombia, Chiang Mai, Thailand, Bali, Indonesia, San Jose, Costa Rica, and Zagreb, Croatia. Why these particular countries? Find it out in this article!

Our List of Best Destinations for Remote Work

What should the best place for digital nomads be like? It needs to come with low prices, great networking opportunities, excellent internet connection, and a decent number of leisure activities. This is exactly what we took into consideration when making this list. So, which destinations fit this description?

Medellin, Colombia

The first interesting location for a digital nomad is Medellin, Colombia. Why exactly did we choose this city?

Firstly, it’s affordable. It won’t cost you a fortune to live there. At the same time, it’s a thriving tech center, which makes it one of the best destinations for remote workers in the IT industry. Finally, it’s really easy to get a digital nomad visa there – you just have to meet the following requirements:

  • Hold a passport issued by one of the countries exempt from a short-stay visa.
  • Work remotely for a non-Colombian company.
  • Plan to work in Colombia for at least 90 days.
  • Show evidence of income (from the past 3 months) equal to 3 times the Current Minimum Legal Monthly Wage in Colombia.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Safe, affordable, with a good internet connection and lovely weather – that’s Thai Chiang Mai for you. It seems too good to be true, does it? Well, there’s one catch.

While Chiang Mai and Thailand are among the best places for digital nomads, the country does not have a digital nomad visa system. Instead, you might need a Smart T, Smart I, or a 10-year Long-Term Residency Visa. In some cases, you might not acquire a work permit at all, making this even more complicated.

Nevertheless, if you manage to navigate the legal complexities of working remotely from Thailand, Chiang Mai will be one of the best cities to do so – it’s worth it.

best place for digital nomads

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is a beautiful island that enhances motivation, making it one of the best destinations for remote work. Additionally, it is relatively inexpensive compared to other countries, making this location even better. But, the ease of obtaining a visa speaks most to digital nomads.

Several types of digital nomad visas are available, with the simplest one being for stays longer than 60 days (but no longer than 180), costing around 120 USD. What is more, it’s an extremely popular digital nomad destination, so you’ll find many professionals to network with, which adds to the overall attractiveness of Bali. We strongly recommend it.

San Jose, Costa Rica

Costa Rica has become a favorite of digital nomads. As a result, it has been developing in that direction, making it a genuinely remote-work-oriented place. Hence, the whole country is worth trying, though we recommend San Jose, the country’s capital.

What are the visa requirements? Naturally, you need to work for a foreign country. Additionally, you should have a monthly income of $3,000 or higher. What is more, you are required to have health insurance with $50,000 or higher coverage. Apart from that, you just need your paperwork and are ready to work there!

Zagreb, Croatia

Croatia is generally affordable, so you shouldn’t be surprised that many of its cities are the best places for remote work. When combined, beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, nice weather, and a highly developed infrastructure create the perfect conditions for digital nomads.

The only natural downside of Zagreb, or Croatia in general, is that it might be too tourist-oriented since the country’s economy relies heavily on foreign visitors. Nevertheless, you’ll find a lot to do even in your spare time, from sightseeing historical sites to sunbathing on one of the golden beaches.

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The Takeaway

Medellin, Chiang Mai, Bali, San Jose, and Zagreb are among the best places for digital nomads. However, it’s just a tiny chunk of all the beautiful cities waiting for you to explore them, so… what are you waiting for? Choose your next destination and get ready to hop on the plane!

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