Digital nomad diaries are journals of your remote work adventures from all over the road. They have become quite popular, along with the digital nomad lifestyle, and come in different forms, from blogs and photo albums to maps. In this article, we focus on the latter and explain how YouMap can be used for creating an exciting digital nomad diary. Did we spark your attention? Then read on!

Mapping Remote Work Adventures

First, let’s talk about using YouMap to tell your digital nomad stories.

Before starting to create your map, you need to think about the places that you want to introduce to it. Are you going to focus on your favorite shared workspaces? Or, perhaps, you desire to create a complete journal, taking into account your whole digital nomad experience, including dining and accommodation?

After you’ve made the decision, you may begin to tell your story with the map. You can mark the places you ate, lived, or worked at and include any information you want – make sure to use the vast customization features to adjust the info you want on display. You can also add photos or videos to visualize your digital nomad stories.

What can you do with such a completed map? Share it! You can set your privacy settings to display your map only to your friends, family, and coworkers, or you can make it public and tell the tales of your remote work adventures to fellow digital nomads and any other users who are willing to read your tales. What’s best is that you can either send a link directly to the map or embed it into your blog or social media – you can share your digital nomad diary with only a few clicks!

Digital nomad diary

A Community Built with Digital Nomad Maps

We’ve gone through creating your own digital nomad diary, but that’s not the only way you can use YouMap if you work remotely and travel around the world. Another option is to form bonds and build relationships with fellow digital nomads – you can do it through the collaborative mode!

The whole process is simple – you just need to find (or create) a digital nomad map where anybody can contribute and add their stories to it. Fellow nomads can then comment on your, or other user’s, remote work adventures, sharing their thoughts on the places you’ve visited or giving you recommendations.

Such a map can also serve as an inspiration since it consists of markers of restaurants, coworking spaces, or hotels from all over the world, with reviews from other nomads like you. No longer do you have to spend hours searching for the next town, apartment, and workspace – you’ll have tens or hundreds of options in one place – on your community map.

Finally, as you build your relationships with other nomads, you might actually get to meet them. After all, you’re all traveling around the world, so it’s likely that you’ll stumble across each other at some point. Plus, you can always arrange to meet and plan to stay in the same country simultaneously. Through mapping, you can make your digital nomad lifestyle less lonely by making true friends with whom you’ll cross paths regularly.

Why Should You Map Your Digital Nomad Adventures?

Memories are fragile – they become less and less intact as the time passes. Therefore, it’s good to record them somewhere, even if they seem insignificant at the time.

Your digital nomad lifestyle might be the norm for you, but your friends will surely read through your stories with genuine interest. When you stop traveling, you’ll start to appreciate your adventures even more, and a mapped diary will help you relieve them. Your future children will also love to hear and see the places that you visited – and with a digital diary, you’ll be able to show them your whole journey!

The Takeaway

Mapping is an excellent way to make a journal of your remote work. Through it, you can create detailed descriptions of every place you visit and the stories that you associate with it. A social map is even better, as it lets you share your experiences with fellow digital nomads. Therefore, you should absolutely try recording your adventures with YouMap, and saving the accounts of your journeys for years to come!

You may also use maps for preparing detailed itineraries of your future adventures – learn more in our guide on planning a trip.