World UFO Day is an annual celebration held around the world when people gather together to watch the sky for any unidentified flying objects. But do you know its history and how to celebrate it? If not, do not worry – we will explain everything about World UFO Day in this article. Enjoy!

What is World UFO Day?

World UFO Day is a significant event held on the 2nd of July. It is important, since it encourages open discussion about UFO sightings and extraterrestrial civilizations, which are often marginalized in mass media. This is the time to watch for UFOs together, but also to reflect on our place in the cosmos, to consider whether aliens exist and to think if we should make attempts to contact them.

You might believe that it is quite a new holiday, yet the 2023 World UFO Day is actually going to be the 23rd celebration. After all, the most famous UFO sighting stories date back to the middle of the 20th century, so it’s still quite surprising that the holiday wasn’t established earlier.

The World UFO Day was created by Haktan Akdoğan, a UFO researcher, in 2001. What is interesting, is that its initial date was supposed to be the 24th of July. Yet, since it would overlap with other UFO-related events, the holiday was moved to July, 2nd. The choice of month isn’t accidental – it corresponds with the famous Washington UFO sightings.

How to celebrate World UFO Day?

If you want to have a happy World UFO Day, you should definitely look for some organized celebrations. For instance, you can join a UFO convention or go on a joint stargazing event. The main advantage of these options is that you will meet other like-minded people, with whom you can discuss your opinion on aliens and listen to their insights.

If these celebrations are not for you, try a different approach: throw a UFO-themed party. It will be a great opportunity to spread your knowledge about UFO sightings among your friends and to enjoy the holiday to the fullest. Maybe you will convince one of your friends to travel to a famous UFO sighting site? Or, perhaps, they will have intriguing theories to tell? Nevertheless, a party will be a wonderful World UFO Day celebration.

And if partying isn’t for you as well, consider going to a UFO sighting site. Seeing such a place with your own eyes will be a remarkable experience! Maybe you’ll even spot something that other people didn’t?

world UFO day

Where to look for UFO sightings and where to report them?

If you desire to celebrate World UFO Day by visiting the sites of current UFO sightings, or you have seen a UFO yourself, and want to report it to other UFO enthusiasts and specialists, download YouMap. It’s an application that allows you to create your own maps as well as access those made by other users. Thus, it will be a great tool to share and contact other people interested in extraterrestrial life.

To see the full potential of this application, check the UFO reporting map, created by the National UFO Reporting Center. You can find all the current UFO sightings there, and even chat with those who experienced them. This way, you will surely enrich your knowledge about unidentified flying objects and maybe even find partners to celebrate World UFO Day with!


The takeaway

Now you know when World UFO Day and what it is. Celebrate this holiday together with other UFO enthusiasts and specialists, and raise awareness about extraterrestrial life among the society. Happy World UFO Day!

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