As travelers, we love to immortalize magnificent places that we stumble upon during our journeys. Thus, similarly to professional and amateur photographers, we celebrate the World Photography Day – a holiday for anyone who loves to make pictures of the nature, people, architecture or events around them. Do you know how to celebrate it? Or, when it is? If not, read this article – we will provide you with the answers!

What and when is the World Photography Day?

The World Photography Day is a celebration of the art craft, the science and the history of photography. It has its roots in the 19th century, when the first photographic techniques were invented. Every year, the celebration has a different theme, this year’s being “Understanding Clouds”.

The 2023 World Photography Day will take place on the 19th of August. The date is not coincidental – it was on this day in the year 1839 that the French government announced the invention of the daguerreotype, the first photographic process. The holiday aims to commemorate this invention, and all the innovative technologies that followed it, leading us to what we have today – quick, high-quality digital photography.

World Photography Day

How to celebrate the 2023 World Photography Day?

We know when is the World Photography Day, but do you know how to celebrate it? There is a plethora of options to choose from, some including taking or posing for photos, other focusing on the technologies. Let’s delve into some of them:

  • Showcase your photos in social media – Post some of your best or favorite photos on your social media and make them available to a wider audience. It might spark the passion for photography among your followers or friends, and it can even be a useful addition to your marketing strategy plan – you may acquire new clients!
  • Go to a museum or an art galleryThere is no better way to celebrate the 2023 World Photography Day than by visiting an exhibition dedicated to this art. Whether it contains photos done by a famous photographer, or old cameras and other mechanical components, viewing it will be a great way to commemorate this craft as a whole!
  • Make some photos locally – You can find many elements worth photographing near you, so why don’t you take pictures of them? You can check a great example of that on the Global Street Art Map prepared by YouMap’s users. If you wish, you might even go on a search for street art in your area, make some photos and add them to the map!

  • Submit your photos to an official competition – That’s right, the theme for World Photography Day isn’t there for nothing. As a part of your celebration, you might submit your photos to some of the competitions. Perhaps, you’ll win and gain recognition?
  • Make your best work matter Another way how you can celebrate the World Photography Day is by making something more out of your best photo. You can put it into a nice frame, or even change it into home decor – there are many options. Make it visible so that you and your visitors can enjoy it when entering your home!

The takeaway

You can celebrate the World Photography Day in many creative and unique ways. Don’t be afraid to showcase your works and consider taking photos of the everyday life around you – the most beautiful ones may come from the smallest, most simple things.

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