We have finally recovered after the COVID-19 pandemic. Travelers started pouring into their favorite tourist destinations, with everything seemingly back to normal. Yet, travel isn’t exactly as it was before the lockdowns – new currents drive changes. Here we will focus on them and overview what are the current trends in the travel industry and transportation. Does it spark your interest? Then we invite you to read on.

Leisure and business travel trends in 2023

There is a lot going on in the travel industry in 2023 – many tourist-oriented businesses reached, or are about to reach, their pre-pandemic numbers of customers. Thus, it is finally the year when the tourist industry may focus on development, following the recent trends to adapt to the new ones. Which travel industry trends require following this year? Let’s see:

Sustainable travel

Environmental awareness grows with each generation. Younger people, namely Gen Z, want to travel sustainably, and pay attention to the eco-friendliness of their means of transport, accommodation or restaurants. Thus, travel industry businesses will need to focus on this trend and provide services which meet sustainability standards.

Wellness travels

The number of solo travelers increases gradually. They often do not opt for busy, full-of-sightseeing trips but rather seek rest, relaxation and wellness. Destinations such as SPAs or hot springs thrive – they have become far more than just a luxury travel trend. Travel agencies need to adapt and prepare options targeted at middle-class travelers who desire solitude and regeneration.

Automation in the industry

Automation is being introduced in almost every branch of business, thus it is not surprising that it also reached travel. It has already been introduced in booking systems, since travelers prefer effortless and quick solutions, but this travel industry trend will go even further. Automated billing, inventory management and marketing will soon become an industry standard.

Self-booking for business travelers

There is quite an interesting trend in corporate and business travel – self booking. Employees desire to pick their own accommodation and have a wider variety of choices. They also opt for non-standard accommodation such as Airbnbs. This means that business clients use a wider range of channels, including those dedicated to private customers – the line between these channels is beginning to blur.

Slow travel

The principle of slow travel is followed by many. Travelers search for authentic experiences which let them immerse themselves into the foreign locations and cultures. This impacts the means of transport they travel with, as well as the types of amenities they look for in their destination.

Travel industry trends

Digital nomads

One of the major changes brought about by the pandemic was remote work. And, although COVID-19 is gone, remote work is still here. While for some it’s just a commodity, others began to embrace the benefits of working from home and became digital nomads – people who work remotely and travel at the same time. This travel industry trend is quite popular, thus digital nomads are an important target group for the whole branch.

Safe travel

The pandemic has also raised awareness about travel safety. This trend is especially visible in the luxury travel segment, since the travelers there are able to afford additional services. Aspects like on-site hotel doctors, secure locations and safe means of transportation are significant for them while booking their vacation. Meeting all these demands is crucial for businesses which wish to work with upper-class clients.

The takeaway

Slow, sustainable, wellness-oriented and safe travel are among the trends in the industry pointed out in our overview. Businesses need to adapt, since all of these are upward tendencies. By focusing on these trends, your company will be able to provide the best customer experience and attract new travelers, so do not wait and start adjusting your business.

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