Do you want to take your real estate sales to the next level? Then try our mapping app for real estate – YouMap! With our app, you’ll make your properties stand out and boost sales in no-time!

How Does It Work?

How does our mapping app for real estate agents work? You create a map, list all your properties, and… voila! You can add photos or any extra information regarding the property and even create virtual tours, providing your clients with an extensive, interactive list of available real estate.

What’s more, you choose what makes its way onto the map. Do you want to enhance your sales by listing nearby elite schools, shops, or business centers? You can do it! Would you rather focus purely on the available properties? That’s possible as well! It’s possible to create various maps, or just a single complex one where you will use different markers for your properties and different for the other locations in the neighborhood!

map builder for real estate

Why Is YouMap the Best App with Maps for Real Estate Agents?

What makes YouMap the #1 map builder for real estate? Namely:

  • Simplicity – It’s extremely easy to use YouMap, so you don’t need any training to start listing your properties.
  • Collaboration – You can create collaborative maps with your colleagues from the agency, hence creating a single, detailed map of all the properties you have on sales in a larger area.
  • Flexibility and personalization – Create maps that have everything you need – from just the properties to some extra locations around them that affect the pricing.
  • Embeddable – You can quickly create your map in the app and embed it onto your website without the need for complex coding or integrations.
  • Detailed – You can enhance your on-map listings with any information you need – from photos, videos, and bullet point lists to engaging virtual tours.
  • Enhanced customer experience – Real estate buyers strive for convenience, and mapping your properties with our app lets you achieve it, hence improving their satisfaction and attracting more customers.

Start Mapping Your Real Estate with YouMap!

Download YouMap, post all your locations, and attract more buyers with attractive property listings. Enjoy higher sales, enhanced customer satisfaction and a simplified communication and appointment process – after all, potential buyers can use the maps to find their way to each property or even to appoint viewings via comments!

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