The International Day of Charity is a holiday embracing a noble goal – helping others. This is the time to encourage people to find community volunteering opportunities, raise funds for charities, or even donate items such as food or clothes. But, do you know the history of this holiday? Are you aware of the ways in which you can contribute to it? If the answers are “no”, read this article – we will tell you everything you need to know about the International Day of Charity here.

What and When Is International Day of Charity?

The International Day of Charity has been created to raise people’s and organizations’ awareness and to incentivize them to help those in need around the whole world. It was established in 2012 by the UN, and since then it has gained in importance.

According to the United Nations’ Agenda on Sustainable Development, the need to eliminate poverty and give every person in the world equal access to education, fresh water, food and development is among the most critical aims for the whole of humanity. This is why since 2012 the role of the International Day of Charity has been growing – achieving this goal is possible only through joint effort.

When is the International Day of Charity? On the 5th of September. This date is not random – it has been chosen since it is the anniversary of Mother Teresa of Calcutta’s death. This well-known figure has majorly contributed to charity work throughout her whole life, being a missionary in numerous countries. As such, she is the perfect symbol for this holiday.

international day of charity 2023

How to Celebrate the International Day of Charity in 2023?

The best way to celebrate this holiday is to embrace its purpose – contribute to charity work. You can find various volunteering opportunities, both one-offs and long-term ones, to commemorate the work of Mother Theresa and make a meaningful difference. What exactly can you do?

  • Community charity events – The first option is to help locally. Communities often organize fundraisers or volunteering programs to aid the people in need living in your area. Joining them will be a truly rewarding experience – you’ll be able to see the improvements that you were a part of.
  • Online volunteering – There are many ways to volunteer virtually, from translating, through teaching, to administrative duties. If you feel like you don’t have time to commute every day, or you simply believe that you will showcase your skills best remotely, find opportunities online. Contributing to a better life for the poorest from the comfort of your home? Why not?
  • Volunteering with pets – Helping people is important, but they are not the only ones in need. Just in the US, approximately 6 million dogs and cats combined end up in shelters annually. Out of this number, almost a million are euthanized each year. If you don’t know how to celebrate the International Day of Charity, helping one of the shelters might be an ideal option. You can join a food collection, or help promote animal adoption – there are many choices.
  • Donating to a charity – Finally, if you don’t really have time nor energy to volunteer, you may opt for donating to a charity. In our fight against poverty, inequality and diseases, we need as many resources as possible – both in terms of time and money. So, don’t feel like making a donation is a shortcut – every help is worth its weight in gold.

The Takeaway

So, you know everything about the International Day of Charity in 2023. What are you waiting for? Find the best way to make a contribution to society and enjoy a rewarding experience!

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