Sometimes holidays are about relaxation and rest. Yet, at other times we desire to make them truly meaningful. If you are currently closer to the second type, this article is for you – we will explain here how to find the holiday volunteer opportunities near you. We encourage you to read on!

Why should you volunteer during holidays?

Volunteering is a way of making a positive impact on the world. Even if it sometimes might seem exhausting, the satisfaction that comes from it is priceless. Yet, we usually do not have the time to volunteer on an everyday basis, or at least need to switch to virtual volunteering opportunities. During the holidays it’s different.

Holidays are a time when we can finally embrace who we are. We might do it by pursuing our hobbies and desires, or by making changes to the world around us. It’s a time when we can fully focus on something that is not related to our everyday lives, which makes it ideal for volunteering.

How to volunteer during the holidays?

If you don’t know how to volunteer during the holidays, don’t worry – it’s pretty simple. All you have to do is find some volunteering programs and join them. They don’t have to be near you – you may travel to a different, maybe foreign, place instead.

Holiday volunteering opportunities come in different shapes and sizes. Some might require you to do physical labor, in others you will use your less-common skills and education, such as teaching or medical aid. You will surely find something that is both interesting and enriching. There are a plethora of options – all you need to do is find the right volunteering program.

holiday volunteer opportunities

Where to volunteer during holidays?

You might wonder where you can volunteer for the holidays, but the true answer to this question is: everywhere. Dog rescues, medical facilities, non-profit organizations – all of these are constantly looking for new volunteers. You just need to call them and ask what you can do. Choose whether you want to help animals, homeless people or those with chronic diseases, and get to it!

Since we are talking about holidays, you might also try volunteering abroad. African countries such as Tanzania, Zambia or Ghana offer numerous opportunities for volunteering. Going there will be a great adventure, combined with changing the lives of the locals. Yet, it might be tiring. The programs in Africa might also be longer than your holiday period. Thus, you can, instead, try to go to one of the European cities.

Krakow, Rome, Split, Lisbon or Athens have various volunteering opportunities to offer. Helping the homeless, cleaning the environment or even volunteering at a festival – these are just a few options available. By going there, you will combine sightseeing with helping the communities – you’ll kill two birds with one stone!

Where to find volunteering opportunities near you?

If you prefer to volunteer closer to your home, you should definitely try YouMap – our social mapping app. It consists of maps created by its users, and there are tens of maps dedicated purely to volunteering in it. You won’t only find the places where you can volunteer during your holidays, but also comments from other like-minded people and reviews on whether their experience with the particular organization was truly meaningful.

Another option to look for holiday volunteering opportunities is to contact some of the major non-profit organizations. They will probably have a list of places where aid is needed and will help you choose the best one for you.

The takeaway

There are numerous volunteering opportunities that you can take up during your holidays. It’s important to pick one that truly corresponds with your life-goals and makes full use of your skill-set. Don’t limit yourself to the volunteering opportunities near you – embrace the vacation and go make a difference in a foreign country. It will be a truly memorable experience!