International Coffee Day is an annual event celebrating one of the most beloved beverages worldwide – coffee. Not only does it focus on the drink itself but also on the role of coffee in the global economy. In this article, we’ll spotlight International Coffee Day 2023 – what is it, when is it, and how to celebrate it? Find out below!

International Coffee Day – What Is It and What Are Its Origins?

International Coffee Day was established in 2015 by the International Coffee Organization (ICO), both to celebrate the drink and to discuss its socio-economic impact. It’s the day dedicated to both sipping delicious coffee as well as discussing the challenges that coffee growers and distributors face.

When is International Coffee Day celebrated? On the 1st of October. It has been held on this date since its beginnings and will likely stick to the first day of the tenth month for a longer time.

International coffee day 2023

International Coffee Day and Free Coffee – An Inseparable Pair

One characteristic aspect of the celebrations is pubs and cafes offering their clients free coffee. It’s an increasingly popular practice and an excellent way to promote this holiday and spread awareness. But how do you know where you can get your free coffee on International Coffee Day 2023?

The best idea is to use social mapping apps, such as YouMap. There, you can find special maps prepared by other users dedicated to this holiday. They might include the best places to grab your coffee or a list of the venues offering free International Coffee Day coffee near you. Plus, if you know such places yourself, you can contribute and let more people learn about them while helping your favorite cafe attract new customers!

Such a map can also help you next year – after all, free coffee on International Coffee Day isn’t an initiative reserved purely for the 2023 celebrations. To do this effectively, gather your friends, create such a map together, leave it public, and wait for more contributions – before 2024, you’ll know all the best coffee places in your town or city inside-out!

What Are the Other Ways to Celebrate International Coffee Day 2023?

If you aren’t interested in a free coffee or have already grabbed one but still thrive for more ways to celebrate International Coffee Day, we’ve got you covered. What else can you do?

  • Visit a cafe or a restaurant – Most cafes should have special offers unique to International Coffee Day, as should some restaurants. Thus, you should try them out! You may grab one of the best vegan apps, YouMap, or simply go to your favorite place and see what they offer on the 1st of October.
  • Try new brewing techniques – What’s a better day to learn new coffee brewing techniques than this holiday? Try experimenting, learn a new method, or perhaps there’s a workshop you could attend near you. It will be a more unique experience than simply drinking a different coffee flavor, plus you’ll gain new skills.
  • Learn something about coffee – Do you know all the central regions where coffee is grown? Or, what are the differences between the beans from various countries? You can learn one or two things to celebrate International Coffee Day!

The Takeaway

So, are you ready to grab your free International Coffee Day drink and delve into the history of this beverage industry? Be sure to make a map of the best celebrations around you – it’ll prove handy next year!

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