Food is something that none of us could live without. We love indulging ourselves in delicious meals and often pay attention to the nutrition of what we eat, which even further signifies the role of food in our lives. This is why we should celebrate World Food Day – a holiday about much more than just eating. What is it, when is it, and what significance does it bear? Find out by reading this article!

What Is World Food Day and When Is It Held?

World Food Day is an international holiday established to commemorate the founding of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. It was established in 1979 and has been celebrated since then.

When is World Food Day celebrated? On the 16th of October every year. Each edition has its theme, with the one for 2023 World Food Day being:

Water is life, water is food. Leave no one behind.

Why is World Food Day So Important?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), as many as 828 million people have been affected by hunger in 2021. Yet, Feeding America claims that 119 billion pounds of food are wasted annually just in the US. This shows a major global problem – millions of people are starving while we throw away our food without any second thoughts.

World Food Day aims to raise awareness about this issue and find ways for better food waste reduction. It also underlines other problems, such as dependence on water and the risks connected to its contamination.

World food day 2023

YouMap for World Food Day: Spreading Awareness and Taking Action for a Healthier Tomorrow

At YouMap we understand the threat that comes with wasting food, from the surface ones, like hunger, to the more complex issues, like more cows bred causing higher air pollution. Therefore, we encourage you to use our app for good – and there are several ways you can do it:

  • Spreading awareness about World Food Day 2023 – Firstly, our app is excellent for promoting actions focused on better nutrition, zero hunger, and safe diet organized as a part of the 2023 World Food Day celebrations. All you have to do is create a map with such places and programs, share it – mind that you can create links and place it on your website or social media – and encourage people to input the initiatives they know about.
  • Encouraging people to act – Gather those who are involved in your local community, create a map of food banks and other resources that combat hunger, and share it. This way, you’ll convince people not just to participate but to take action – place a small brick in the “no-hunger world” building.
  • Showcasing the journey of eco-friendly ingredients – Businesses and farmers may use YouMap to map their sustainable products’ farm-to-table journey. This way, eco-conscious customers will know what exactly happened and have proof that food is genuinely natural and safe.
  • Reducing food waste – By mapping food rescue initiatives and organizations, with their locations and missions written into the maps, you can significantly reduce the amount of food thrown away every year. It’s better to reuse than throw out, and every person you’ll convince with your map will save literal tons of food throughout the year.

The Takeaway

World Food Day is one of the most important international holidays since it focuses on reducing food waste production, fighting world hunger, and food safety. Thus, to celebrate it properly, participate in one of the initiatives around you, create a map of community volunteering opportunities related to food, or participate in one yourself!

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