A destination wedding is a wonderful way to celebrate and break out of your routine at the same time. Yet, organizing a whole wedding far away from your home can be challenging. We want to make it a bit easier for you with a few tips. How to plan a destination wedding? We will explain it in this article, so read on!

Planning a destination wedding – what to begin with

Weddings are about love, celebration, beautiful decorations and dresses, and fun. Yet, before getting to that point, you need to make some initial plans. So, how to begin planning your destination wedding?

Choose the right location

The starting point to your wedding should be choosing your location. Think where you want to host your wedding, but do not choose a venue yet – it might wait for the moment when you know how much you want to spend.

Plan your budget

After choosing your location, you may start planning your destination wedding budget. Consider the available venues, accommodation, decorations and other activities that you want to engage your guests in.

Select a venue, the date and accommodation

If you know how much you want to spend, then it’s time to choose the particular venue along with the wedding date. While planning the latter, consider available accommodations – you might not cover the costs for your guests, but you still should make proper arrangements, reserve hotels and present your guests with several options. Booking rooms in a bundle might also reduce the costs, so it is crucial to plan this aspect of your destination wedding in advance.

How to plan a destination wedding

Planning a destination wedding – the next steps

After the initial phrase, there are still a few aspects which you need to cover. So, how to plan the remaining elements of your destination wedding?

Select your vendors

Choosing your vendors in a place distant from your home might be difficult. You should visit your wedding destination during the planning process at least once, to ensure that you select the right flowers and decorations. Consider finding social maps dedicated to weddings in your destination – you might find some opinions and interesting options there.

Consider hiring a wedding planner

Planning a destination wedding might be a challenge due to the distance between you and your venue. Thus, it might be useful to hire a professional who will oversee the crucial aspects for you.

Coordinate your wedding and create an itinerary

No matter whether you have any additional activities in mind, you need to plan your destination wedding itinerary and coordinate your ceremony. Ask yourself some questions:

  • When will you arrive?
  • When do you want your guests to arrive?
  • Do you need to visit some local vendors?
  • When should you visit your local vendors?
  • Will you and your guest travel around the location?
  • What means of transportation will you and your guests use?
  • Is the venue far from the accommodation?

With the answers, you will be able to draft your wedding itinerary. Try using additional tools, such as YouMap – our social mapping app. The collaborative moderation function will help you cooperate with your wedding planner seamlessly, while a map created in the application will be a fine way to communicate with your guests. Instead of writing down a complicated schedule, you will simply share a map which will help them navigate easily and in a timely manner.

The takeaway

Although it might seem a challenge, there are many ways how you can make planning your destination wedding much easier. Choose your location and venue, plan your budget, select the vendors and use our app to ensure that your celebration will be truly memorable – after all, you deserve this.

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