How to plan a family adventure trip with kids? You should start by brainstorming ideas on the destination. Then, when you pick the place, come up with ideas on what to do there (YouMap can be helpful with that, as it enables your whole family to collaborate!). Finally, get down to packing – make a list to grab all the essentials. Do you want to learn more? Then read on!

Choosing the Destination for Your Family Adventures

The first step on your way to fun and educational trips with kids is picking the right destination. 

First, think about your budget – do you want to go on an affordable, short getaway, or do you want to spend a bit more? This will define whether you should look for the destinations in your country/state or abroad.

After deciding on the budget, thus limiting the number of choices slightly, consider what weather you’d like – if it’s spring, you might opt for some hotter regions (or colder to embrace snow while it’s still there). In the summer/winter, you can choose between both of these seasons – after all, while there’s winter in the US, there’s summer in Australia, right?

When you decide on the weather and limit the number of choices even further, you should look for destinations that offer family adventures – activities and attractions that are educational and fun for whole families, including children. Don’t plan all the activities you’re going to engage in yet, but consider which ones are most inviting and make the final choice of your destination.

Planning Family Adventures Together

After deciding on where you are going, you can start planning your time during your fun trip with the kids. For that, we recommend using YouMap – our social mapping app. There, you can create a map for your trip where all your family members will be able to add potential activities/places to visit with their comments. This will help you decide on your schedule.

After gathering all your family members’ insights into the trip, it’s time to plan out the schedule. Once again, you can use mapping for your family adventure. For example, you can add extra comments to each location on the map to determine when you will visit them. Or, you might include some info you gathered on the transportation to these locations. Nevertheless, use the maps as they will give you a better overview of your whole journey and even help you optimize your routes to enjoy as many fun family activities as possible.

family adventures

Packing for Your Family Adventure

After your schedule is ready, get down to packing. Here, we recommend the following order:

  • Start from the essentials – towels, clothes, etc.
  • Proceed with your map – check out each location on your family adventure schedule and pack up any items that you might need for each of the activities that aren’t your essentials (e.g., a camera if you’re visiting one of spring botanical wonders).
  • Pack up any additional items, e.g., sunscreen – make sure all of them can be packed into your luggage if you’re traveling by air.
  • Double-check – see whether you packed up everything. Also, weigh up your luggage if you’re flying – you want to avoid any excess baggage fees.

Documenting Your Trips with Kids

Don’t forget about taking photos during your fun trips with kids! You can use your map as an album and paste all the pictures in there, next to the respective locations. This way, you’ll have a detailed journal of your spring break or vacation that you can return to at any time or even share with your other family members and friends!

Are you going to take photos with your phone? Then we also recommend reading our article on spring photography – you’ll find a few helpful tips on taking the best photos with your iPhone there!

The Takeaway

Whether it’s spring break or summer vacation, family trips with kids need to be educational and fun! You’ve read our guide, so you’re ready to plan out such an adventure. Remember to include your children in the planning – it’s quite important (and fun!) for them, so let your little ones add their own suggestions to your map!

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