Traveling enables us to collect experiences, meet people, discover new cultures, connect with nature, or simply relax from time to time.

Our own passion for travel led us across the Atlantic Ocean in effort to realize our dreams of sharing our experiences with others (and making our own travels easier😅).

Mapping your next vacation has never been easier. YouMap is a customizable and fun mapping tool that allows you to plan your travels, memorize your experiences, discover cool attractions and activities, meet new friends, and discover unique destinations for your upcoming trip.

How to create a trip tracker map on YouMap?

Trip tracker mapWe want to make sure you never fall for another tourist trap again, YouMap gives you instant access to exclusive travel tips around the world. Offered by real locals, who know the area best, and stand by ready to help you make your next vacation awesome. This is how you can create a trip tracker map:

1. Create a map on YouMap, {check here for instructions}.

2. In the map details page, tap edit post template and create post templates for quick and fun posting.

3. Add a text field and customize it as you wish.

4. Add a media field to quickly add photos or videos to your map.

5. Add the date field, you can choose between Date & Time, Date, or Time. (This field is especially useful when you are sitting at your desk years later trying to remember when was the last time you sipped a perfect Mojito on the beach 🏖 ).

4. Start posting! Thanks to your post template design, it’s now possible to map your travels on your travel tracker map.

Travel tracker map

You already know how to create a trip tracker. Also check how to create audio tour on YouMap.