Christmas is the time to give. It’s an occasion to do something meaningful, whether locally or by aiding a large non-profit organization. What Christmas volunteer opportunities can you participate in? For instance, you can sponsor presents to a family in need, help a food bank collect food for the hungry, or even work with a local orphanage to make children’s Christmas magical. If you’re looking for more volunteering ideas for Christmas day, read this article – you will find our suggestions here.

Where Can You Volunteer on Christmas Day?

So, where should you go to volunteer on Christmas day? What initiatives can you join? We have a list for you – we’re sure you will find an idea you love below.

  • Help the homeless – There are many initiatives like Crisis at Christmas that are targeted at helping homeless people, for instance, by serving them hot meals. This way, you will truly make a difference – according to Statista, just in 2021 there were 174 deaths in December and 261 deaths in January due to natural cold, so every help that you can provide to the homeless is invaluable.
  • Create, pack, and send presents to families in need – Although many of us recognize Christmas as a merry time and await wonderful presents, not every family has that much luck. But it doesn’t have to be so. Your Christmas volunteering might include preparing, packing, and sending presents to one of such families – just think about the smiles that you will put upon their faces.
  • Organize a charity – Come up with a simple idea, like selling holiday cards, and organize a Christmas charity. This way, you can collect money for the purpose of your choice, and you will experience what being in a non-profit organization feels like!
  • Help a food bank – Contact a food bank, join their initiative, and get ready to stand in a store and collect food from the people. It’s easy, doesn’t require any unusual or difficult skills, and makes a huge difference – it’s simply a great opportunity to volunteer at Christmas for anyone.
  • Organize a Christmas party in a shelter/orphanage – You can also help kids who have lost their parents and visit them in shelters or orphanages. All you have to do is contact your local shelter, prepare the presents, and dress up as a Santa. It’s an opportunity to create a memorable Christmas day for these children, so we encourage you to try this volunteering idea!
  • Find a local Christmas initiative – Ask around in your neighborhood – there are surely some community volunteer opportunities taking place near you. This way, you help people and strengthen your bond with other community members.

Christmas volunteer opportunities

Mapping Holiday Kindness: Volunteering with YouMap

If you want to find out all about the Christmas volunteering opportunities near you, check out our app: YouMap. It offers a lot of helpful options for people like you, including:

  • Volunteering maps – Interactive maps co-created by different users who love to make a difference and volunteer. With them, you will know what’s going on in terms of charities and volunteering in your city, and you will find the best Christmas opportunities quickly – with just a few taps or clicks. Plus, you’ll be able to add your own volunteering initiatives and locations to the map, along with comments and photos for other users to discover them – isn’t that great?
  • Creating your own maps – You can even start your own map – one that you will share with all users or just your friends. This way, you can create a complete guide for all the non-profit organizations and volunteering opportunities in your area – not only the Christmas ones but those happening all year round!
  • Project tracking – If you’re planning to organize a charity, our app will be perfect for you. You can use it to create an interactive map only with other volunteers engaged in your charity and add posts as a way of tracking progress – you’ll all know how far you progress with your volunteering projects and fundraising.

The Takeaway

So, which one of these Christmas volunteering opportunities will you choose? After all, they are all a great way to make a meaningful difference at the end of the year, so picking one or two isn’t easy. But, as there’s no bad choice, no matter what you opt for, we can tell you: “Good work!”

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