Budget-friendly solo travel can be as exciting as an expensive trip. All you have to do is choose a hotel a bit further from the city center, pick a cheap solo travel destination, eat off the beaten track, book early, and plan your transport in advance. Want to learn more? Then read this article!

Our Cheap Solo Travel Tips

So, what do you have to do to enjoy wonderful and budget-friendly solo travel? Here are some of our tips!


If you want budget-friendly solo travel, you need to start with affordable accommodation. How to find cheap hotels? It’s pretty simple:

  • Look away from the city centers and tourist attractions – The closer you sleep to the main tourist attractions, the more expensive your accommodation gets. Often, paying for the subway or a bus to get downtown daily will be much more affordable than staying in the heart of the city, so bear that in mind.
  • Opt for single-person accommodation – The main problem with cheap solo travel is that many hotels offer two-person (or more) rooms. This means that even if you see the price on a website, it might be so that you’ll need to pay double. Avoid this by choosing typical accommodations for solo travelers, like hostels or capsule hotels.
  • Use apps to find out all the options – Consider using apps for travelers, like YouMap, to find all the hotels, hostels, and Airbnbs in your destination – the larger the choice, the more likely you are to find affordable accommodation.
  • Book your hotel early – With time, the prices are bound to rise since there will be fewer and fewer rooms available. Thus, try to book your hotel as early as possible.


Many Asian and European countries are really cheap for solo travel – you need to consider your destination. Visiting one of such places doesn’t mean that your vacation won’t be as thrilling as one on an unlimited budget since many of those states have a lot to offer.

So, what are some examples of the best solo travel destinations?

  • Bulgaria – It’s one of the best places to visit when traveling solo, as it offers you a unique mix of different cultures (Greek, Slavic, Ottoman, Persian), beautiful beaches, wonderful architecture, and breathtaking mountain ranges.
  • Thailand – A flight to this Asian gem might be a bit costly, but that’s not a big problem since the prices there are really cheap – especially if you choose the northern part of this country.
  • Mexico – The southern US neighbor has a lot to offer in terms of culture, historical monuments, and cuisine. Add to that the fact that it’s inexpensive, and you get one of the best places for solo travel!

best places for cheap solo travel


When it comes to the local cuisine, make sure that it’s…really local. Most restaurants along the main tourist paths are more expensive and less authentic, so our tip in this case is: avoid the beaten track and look for hidden gems in less tourist-oriented areas.

In this case, you might want to download our social mapping app and find a map of the destination you’re visiting. In it, you might find local diners and restaurants that you wouldn’t discover otherwise, which both have low prices and offer mouthwatering local dishes!


Consider how you want to get to your destination and calculate the costs. Perhaps you can optimize your itinerary to reduce transportation costs?

Also, similarly to accommodation, book in advance whenever possible. A flight ticket might go double or triple the price in just a week or two, and that would change your budget-friendly solo travel into a budget-draining journey.

The Takeaway

We hope that you now know how to make solo travel cheap and what are the best destinations for your solitary escapades. Remember, the key is planning – calculate your budget, research your routes, find accommodation, and enjoy a budget-friendly vacation!

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