St. Patrick’s Day, celebrated on March 17th every year, is a significant cultural and religious event for the Irish and Irish-American community. It’s a day when people wear green clothes, drink beer, and celebrate the patron saint of Ireland. This year, people from all over the world will also spend the day with great enthusiasm. What’s the St. Patrick’s Day history and traditions? Keep reading to discover top ideas for celebration!

Brief History of St. Patrick’s Day

The history of St. Patrick’s Day is long and dates back to the early 17th century. St. Patrick was born in Britain in the 4th century and was captured by Irish pirates who sold him as a slave when he was 16.

After a few years, he managed to escape and went to France to join a monastery. He later returned to Ireland as a missionary, where he tried to convert Irish people to Christianity. St. Patrick is credited with many miracles, such as driving away snakes from Ireland.

That’s why people from Ireland and America pay tribute to St. Patrick every year.

What are the traditions associated with March 17th?

One of the most famous traditions associated with St. Patrick’s Day is wearing green clothes. People from across the globe and enthusiasts of Irish culture dress in green hats, shirts, and accessories to show their love for Ireland.

It’s also popular to drink beer on this day, especially iconic Irish stouts like Guinness. In many places around the world, there are special parades that feature marching bands, colorful floats, and people dressed in traditional Irish costumes. The largest St. Patrick’s Day parade is held in New York City and attracts millions of visitors every year.

st patrick's day 2023

Top St. Patrick’s Day food ideas

Like in many other cases, food is an essential part of the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

Here are some St. Patrick’s Day food ideas that you can try:

  • Corned beef and cabbage – a traditional Irish dish that is a must-have on St. Patrick’s Day. It’s made by cooking beef brisket with cabbage, carrots, and potatoes.
  • Irish soda bread – a simple bread that is made with flour, baking soda, buttermilk, and salt. It’s a real staple in Irish cuisine and is often served with butter.
  • Shepherd’s Pie – it’s a popular, savory pie made with minced meat and vegetables, topped with mashed potatoes.

How to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

March 17th is a day of commemoration and fun, cherished by more and more people across the globe. Are you wondering how to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? You can:

  • Attend a St. Patrick’s Day parade if it’s organized in your city. Download YouMap social mapping app to search for unique celebrations in your area. Dress up in green and join a group of like-minded people.
  • Visit an Irish pub and enjoy a pint of Guinness. Many pubs also serve traditional Irish dishes, so you can have a full St. Patrick’s Day experience.
  • Learn about Irish culture. Remember that St. Patrick’s Day is not just about wearing green and drinking beer. It’s also an opportunity to learn about Irish culture, history, and traditions. You can visit a museum or attend a cultural event to learn more about Ireland and its people.

The takeaway

St. Patrick’s Day 2023 is a day to celebrate Irish culture, history, and traditions. It’s a day when people all over the world come together to honor the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick. From wearing green clothes and drinking beer to preparing traditional Irish dishes and attending parades, there are many ways to celebrate the day.

Whether you choose to attend a parade, spend this day with friends, or learn about Irish culture, St. Patrick’s Day is a day of fun and celebration that brings people together.