Today we want to share more information about one of our latest features – YouMap moderation.

We believe this feature has the power to bring collaboration to a whole new level and bring higher quality posts to our platform. Our philosophy is to create a hybrid content moderation system to offer a fun, safe social platform.

Moderation in YouMap – what do you need to know about this feature?

So, what makes moderation special? The first thing that comes to mind is – better control over your map’s content. Your invited YouMap moderators can remove content that doesn’t meet your map rules, report suspicious content for your review, and ban users. These features will help you create maps that suit your needs while building a meaningful community for people who share your interests.

We included a set of permissions to increase your control. If you aren’t interested in having help with adding or removing places – then you can just turn that permission off. You can customize these permissions at any time by heading over to your map, then tap Manage and tap Moderators to choose permissions for your selected moderator. You may invite more than one moderator to your map, and each moderator may have different permissions based on your selections.

Map Privacy and Moderation

As you may know, each map has three different privacy options:

  • Public: all users can see your map’s content
  • Selected People: only people you invite can see your map’s content
  • Private: only you can see your map’s content

You can enable or disable posting on maps – this means you can either let others post to your map or choose not to. There is undoubtedly a reason to create maps without allowing others to post. For example, if you make a curated map of your personal restaurant recommendations, you probably would prefer not to open permission to post on your map to the public. Choosing to limit post permission does not limit your options of sharing your recommendations with others. The privacy options can help limit who can view and access your map. 

With the YouMap moderation feature, your map can grow within your group of moderators. You may allow your chosen moderator/s to post on your map while keeping this option restricted to other users.

So go ahead and give moderation a try! Here are the steps for inviting moderator to your maps!


We hope you find this feature useful and help your YouMap community grow. 

We are excited to see what will you map next.