Have you ever wondered about the perfect city for a tourist? If there were to be a top list, London would be in one of the top positions. The capital of Great Britain is a city full of entertainment and places to discover. London is undoubtedly a city famous for its passion for art and culture. 

There are over 240 museums and smaller art galleries. The encouraging part is that you can get to most museums for free. London is the most visited city in the world for a reason. In 2018, about 38.9 million people visited Great Britain. 

In this article, our task is to help you plan every trip in detail. So what should you keep in mind when planning a trip to London?

Best london travel guide
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How to plan a trip? Best London travel guide

We have selected the essential tasks that you should complete with the best-organized trip to London in mind.

1. Book flight 

Depending on your country, you have to organize your transport. For example, in the case of an airplane, find out exactly how long your trip is likely to take. Also, consider the possible difference in the current time between you and London. Once there, you may be surprised at the difference between the current time where you live and the UK.

2. Book a hotel 

Book your hotel in advance without worries that you won’t find anything in place. A recommended choice by tourists is also the Airbnb – breakfast and bed option. Many Brits offer their place of residence as a place to stay. Some people will surely surprise you in the form of the best London tea in the morning!

3. Make a list of attractions that are worth checking out

Describe this list in detail. It’s best to write it down on your phone and use the map. We recommend checking out YouMap local recommendations, which will allow you to reach selected places. Also, find out about the functioning of the subway and buses, which will help you get to the chosen location faster. Or not – if you prefer long walks where you can explore the local towns around central London.

4. Prioritize your list 

Select some of the most important places for you. London is a vast city where we may not have enough time to visit entirely! So prepare those things that are a priority for you and without which you will not leave this city.

5. Plan your itinerary 

Remember to calculate the average amount of time for each attraction you devote. Perhaps you will need a guide, e.g. for a walk around a museum? Don’t be afraid to book such a service. Find out about the works of art on display in London as much as possible.

6. Create a map with YouMap

With this application, you can create and collect memories from London. Design your template, e.g., ‘ The best time in London’, and share media from the trip with other users. YouMap can be a form of a diary for tourists with additional interaction with recipients. You can experience your journey with people from all over the world. And who knows, maybe a user can suggest the next place to visit that is missing on your priority list!

Check out our own map London in 24 hours map to see the best things to do in London today ! 

London travel guide

7. Set up the budget

Remember that London has a different currency – Pounds. Organize your savings so that you don’t have to regret not seeing or buying something later. Sometimes cities like London are only visited once! Remember to exchange your currency in advance without any worries on the spot. You can also use the multi-currency card option, which is now more popular than cash.

8. Check the weather forecast

Take care of the right clothes! Of course, it all depends on the season. In the fall, we recommend that you dress in several layers. Sometimes, in London, we will be surprised by heavy rain, and after a while, we will get a beautiful sun with a hint of warmth.

9. Keep your head high and smile!

Enjoy your trip and make the most of every moment in London. Don’t be afraid to ask locals for help if you get confused or lost. Enjoy beautiful views and capture them on your camera or smartphone.

Out of the many attractions and beautiful places and buildings that London offers, we have selected the top 10. See for yourself what our examples provide.


Top 10 best places to see in London

Big Ben

When talking about places to discover in London, it is essential to mention its landmark, Big Ben! A neo-gothic building with a height of 96.3 meters, built-in 1834! The tower is a symbol of Great Britain. The clock strikes every hour, and its low tones are broadcast daily by the BBC radio station. Inside the building, a giant bell comes from the second bell building attempt as the first one was damaged.

Places to discover in london - Big Ben
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Westminster Palace

A Palace is the British House of Commons and Lords and other offices. You can visit the Palace with a guide, and the list of such tours is available on the website.

Westminster Abbey

The most crucial cathedral in Great Britain definetely should be on places to see in London list. It is here that all royal ceremonies and coronations of kings take place. It is available to visit inside. However, you must purchase a ticket in advance. Many tourists recommend buying online as the queues to visit the place are huge.

Places to discover in london westminster Abbey
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London Eye

One of the most popular attractions in London! It is the famous Ferris wheel. On the London Eye, we find 32 capsules that make a full rotation in 30 minutes. Thanks to the longer duration of the attractions, it is possible to picture London from a bird’s eye perspective accurately. The London Eye can even reach a height of 135 meters, providing a view of the entire Westminster borough.

Best places to see in london - london eye
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Hyde Park

While planning a trip to London, you have to also think about chill! A beautiful place of relaxation for fans of nature and animals. In the Park, you can meet various birds and small jumping squirrels. A vast green space with a pond in the middle. At Hyde Park, you can also enjoy a tasty meal or take a drink to go. In addition, you can attend music concerts there during the summer holidays and pre-Christmas period Winter Wonderland.

Tate modern

Museum located right next to the Thames shore! It is a place where you will find beautiful pieces of modern art. The museum was built on the site that used to be the Bank Side Power Station hall. So even if you are not a fan of art, it is worth seeing how they converted the power station into a museum.

Best london travel guide -  museums
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Globe Theatre

A theatre in which one of the shareholders was William Shakespeare! Currently, the theatre is a reconstruction of the Elizabethan theatre. The place has sitting and standing positions, so remember that the performances last about 3 hours regardless of the weather. In addition, the Globe Theatre’s guided tours and art tours are available daily.

Places to visit in london globe theatre
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Tower Bridge

Victorian drawbridge! A characteristic phenomenon for this attraction is the towers connected by two platforms, i.e. footbridges. A beautiful element is the glass floor on its upper part.

Abbey Road

Do we have Beatles fans here? A music studio on Abbey Road recorded one of their albums. So take a walk along this street listening to their best songs.

Best places to discover in london
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Warner Bros. Studio Tour London The Making of Harry Potter

Moving away from London for a moment, we will turn to the cult film Harry Potter, which was made in Great Britain. This is definetly #musthave place to discover in London! From central London, it is possible to take a bus that will take you straight to the studio with a mapped-out world of Harry Potter. So take the opportunity and feel the magic of Warner Bros!

Places to discover in london - Harry Potter
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London travel guide - Harry Potter
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Enjoy your trip with a smile on your face!

We hope this Best London Travel Guide has encouraged you to choose London as your next destination! The city is one of the most visited globally for a reason. However, to see the most exciting places in London, you need several days. The city is enormous and wealthy in many attractions. You will see everything without unnecessary haste and stress with a detailed plan!

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