International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March every year, and it’s a day that highlights the achievements and struggles of ladies all over the world. It’s a reminder to honor the contributions of women to society and the significant strides they have made in fighting for equality, justice, and human rights. How to celebrate International Women’s Day 2023? Keep reading to discover 7 unique ideas!

Why is it important to celebrate International Women’s Day?

Before we jump right into the topic, let’s talk about why you should celebrate International Women’s Day in the first place.

Apart from being a celebration of women’s accomplishments, this special day is also a reminder that there’s still work to be done to achieve gender equality, as women continue to face various forms of discrimination, such as wage gaps, gender-based violence, and lack of representation in leadership positions.

For this reason, celebrating International Women’s Day is essential because it brings attention to these issues and creates a space for people to reflect on how they can contribute to change the world for the better for future generations of girls.

international women's day 2023

Top International Women’s Day Celebration Ideas – how to spend 8th of March?

If you’re looking for unique International Women’s Day Celebration ideas that will allow you to show appreciation for special ladies in your life, you can:

  • Support a female-owned business – it’s an excellent way to celebrate International Women’s Day. Look for businesses in your community that are owned or run by women, and make a conscious effort to shop at these establishments. You can also recommend these businesses to your friends and family or like-minded communities using our social mapping app.
  • Write a letter to your female role model is there a more thoughtful way to celebrate International Women’s Day? Choose a woman who has inspired you, and write a letter expressing your appreciation and gratitude for her contributions to society.
  • Volunteer with a women’s organization – look for local organizations that work to support women’s rights, and offer your time and skills to help with their programs and events.
  • Read iconic books by women authorsit’s an excellent International Women’s Day idea. Choose books written by Jane Austen, Emily Brontë or Louisa May Alcott that highlight women’s experiences, struggles, and achievements, and reflect on how these stories relate to your own life. You can even explore our app to join a book club focusing on books by women authors.
  • Donate to a women’s charity – there are various organizations like National Women’s Law Center or Equality Now that work to support women’s rights, and donating to one of these charities is an excellent way to celebrate International Women’s Day. Look for local organizations or international groups that align with your values, and make a donation in honor of the day.
  • Attend a women’s rights rally – show your support for women’s equality. Look for rallies or marches happening in your city and join in the festivities. You can also make signs with empowering messages and wear shirts or hats that celebrate International Women’s Day.
  • Organize a women’s empowerment brunch – invite your friends and family members to a potluck brunch, and ask each person to bring a dish that represents a woman who has inspired them. During the brunch, you can have a discussion about the achievements and struggles of women and brainstorm ways to continue the fight for gender equality.

The takeaway

International Women’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of women and to acknowledge the struggles they face in fighting for gender equality.

By celebrating 8th of March, we can create a space for conversations about women’s rights, learn about the experiences of women around the world, and take action to support gender equality. With these ten unique ideas to celebrate International Women’s Day, we can all find a way to contribute to the fight for gender equality!